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The Top 10 Aquaman Covers of the 1960s

I felt like I gave the Sea King short shrift by summarizing seven decades of comic covers into one top 20 list. Since I'm trying to do some more of these after a lengthy hiatus, and the other Detroit members lack the library to offer more expansive lists, I thought I'd revisit Aquaman for some countdowns by decade.

Honorable Mention:
Showcase #30 (February, 1961)

The first Aquaman solo cover, but mediocre all the same.

10) Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #29 (November, 1961)

Aquaman is an obvious romantic lead of choice, so of course after more than a decade as a loner, they saddle him with an adoptive son, followed by a wife. I love seeing the Sea King pursuing other options, and it's no wonder he's so anxious to make time with Superman's best girl.

9) Aquaman #3 (June,1962)

I've heard all the same "talks to fishies" jokes as you, but seeing all those finny fans leaping into the air to catch arrows like Frisbees is wacky fun.

8) Aquaman #46 (August, 1969)

You can only have Aquaman holding an unconscious Mera so many times, but this is one of the better renditions, so it makes the cut.

7) Aquaman #44 (March, 1969)

I hate that there are so many Aquaman in Peril covers, but they really sell the danger, don't they?

6) The Brave and The Bold #82 (March, 1968)

The Somnambulist Surfer! How can you resist?

5) Aquaman #18 (November,1964)

Everybody loves a wedding.

4) Aquaman #34 (February, 1968)

There's such concern on Arthur's face, and this is the first of many covers of Aquaman cradling Mera.

3) Aquaman #30 (November,1966)

Aquaman covers are kind of morbid, aren't they?

2) Aquaman #45 (May, 1969)

So many of the great Aquaman covers involve our hero defeated or otherwise in the underdog position. Given his shaky reputation, I'm not so sure that's a good thing.

1) Aquaman #42 (November, 1968)

If there was ever any doubt Black Manta was Aquaman's arch-foe, this should have removed it. Eisner-style lettering incorporated into a dramatic, moody whole.

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

The cover to Aquaman #44 is one of the greatest comic covers in history. The sheer ridiculous of it DEMANDS the cover be held in high regard! Add the beautiful art and I LOVE IT!

The Irredeemable Shag