Monday, July 2, 2018

2017 Elongated Man Jam Sketch Detail by Isaiah Broussard

Transyltown artist Isaiah Broussard has done a bunch of smaller pieces for me at local Houston shows, mostly contributing to my many (often still unfinished) jams. I think only one of them have made it onto the web so far. A casualty of my shift from blogging to podcasting, I'm afraid. Thankfully, I got something for a more substantial project from him that should be online within the next year, and I'm going to try to get that older stuff up, too.

Anyway, last year I was at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina for a meeting of fans & hosts associated with The Fire and Water Network, and was surprised to find Broussard there. Since we were both representing The H abroad and I had a smidge of room left on one of the only jams he hadn't already contributed to, I asked him to finish off the super-friends of Martian Manhunter with Ralph Dibney (a Detroit/JLI era teammate!)

Isaiah Broussard