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Batman Annual #23 & Aquaman Annual #5 (September, 1999)

Batman explained in Martian Manhunter Annual #2, "To review: Solovar, leader of Gorilla City, announces his intentions to open relations with humanity, and for Gorilla City to join the United Nations. Solovar is assassinated by a terrorist group of "human supremacists" later revealed as a front for the extremist political faction known as Simian Scartlet. Gorilla City asks the JLA to act as diplomatic intermediaries, who are ambushed and transformed into gorillas by exotic technology. The change shifts the JLA members' loyalties to Gorilla City, until [Martian Manhunter] telepathically restore their original thought patterns. Prince Regent Ulgo declares war on humanity, with the intention of transforming all humans into gorillas; subsequently, a covert gorilla agent known as Grimm forms an alliance with organized crime in Bludhaven-- for the purpose of smuggling troops and weaponry into the United States."

Batman teamed with Nightwing and Oracle to pursue the case, while other super intelligent gorillas that questioned Grimm's loyalties tailed him, and local mob boss Roland Desmond hired Lady Vic to help him pursue other intentions toward Grimm-- likely involving his massive simian heart. The matter resolved with Grimm's cargo ship sunk and ther gorilla in Blockbuster's clutches, in a story by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan, & Mark Pennington.

Batman continued, "Meanwhile, Atlantis is attacked by the gorilla sub The Kong under Admiral Trafalgo-- in an attempt to steal a mystic crystal called The Eye of Poseidon to power their morphic resonance array." The Martian Manhunter had determined this through a mental scan, and sent "Aqua-Ape" to rout the gorilla forces. Several of the Sea-Monkey King's confidants, like Tempest and Vulko, where transformed into gorillas loyal to Trafalgo, forcing The Prime Ape of the Seven Seas into combat. Unaffected heroines Mera and Dolphin helped steer Tempest and occasionally Aquaman back toward the side of humanity. Eventually, Aquaman overloaded the Eye of Poseidon, not only restoring the Atlanteans' humanity, but even causing members of the ape forces to go human. The Kong retreated, but Aquaman pursued, in a story by John Ostrander, Mark Bright, & Dick Giordano. Batman quotes written by Len Kaminski.

JLApe: Gorilla Warfare
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    Fury of Firestorm #55-56 (January-February, 1987)

    In Legends #1, the Apokolipsian entity Brimstone first erupted, and failing to contain it, former team member Firestorm enlisted the Justice League of America for a second, equally ineffective pass. Not only was much of downtown Pittsburgh left in flames, but a presidential order next banned super-heroes. Professor Martin Stein, one-half of the Firestorm Matrix, intended to respect the law and at least temporarily dissolve his partnership with former student Ronnie Raymond. However, fascistic followers of G. Gordon Godfrey launched a book burning on the campus of Vandermeer University, and against Stein's wishes, Raymond forced him into fusing to form the Nuclear Man. Ultimately, the right wing former Teen Titan Hawk took up the cause of costumed heroism on campus, while Stein finally forced the fission of Firestorm. In fact, Stein threatened to buy a gun and kill Raymond if he ever did that again, and in discussing the matter with his stepmother, Felicity Smoak equated Ronnie's act to "rape." During another escalation of violence, Ronnie visited his former teacher, who admitted to contemplating suicide with his new pistol, but eventually agreed to reform Firestorm on a case-by-case basis.