Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vibe and the Family Steel in Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues

Twin titans of hubris tussle! Today we'll be spotlighting the two least popular male members of the Detroit Era Justice League as represented by the fan fiction paint shop of the blogger known only as Ross! So far, Paco Ramone's only outing has been in this dance-off with the Disco Dazzler, but how about Steel? Only cameo appearances of the Heywood clan on the blog so far, and not even Detroit's Hank III, just Commander Steel and Citizen Steel in group shots...
...More Lost Team-Up Issues...

Friday, April 18, 2014

2011 Aquaman art by Simon Fraser

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Or, if you prefer, some Zatanna.

Simon Fraser

Thursday, March 27, 2014

2012 New 52 Animated Style Aquaman art by Eric Guzman

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"My take on an New 52 Animated Aquaman!!Let me know what you think!!"
If you like this look, the artist also drew the Sea King swimming around, plus he covered the New 52 Ocean Master and offered a Black Manta Re-Design.

Eric Guzman

Thursday, March 13, 2014

2013 Zatanna “We Can Be Heroes: Magic” silhouette by Steve Garcia

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Here's more super-heroic silhouettes inspired by DC's We Can Be Heroes campaign to benefit those suffering from hunger in the Horn of Africa. The artist later renamed the piece "Suolucarim", then did a trippy cheesecake color wallpaper sort of interpretation as "Cigam"

“We Can Be Heroes”

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 "Fan-Casting DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE DETROIT" by Ryan Daly

Ryan "Count Drunkula" Daly of the Black Canary blog Flowers & Fishnets has played casting director for a Warner Brothers Justice League film, including the Motor City members! If you hit his Aquaman role sheet, you'll find Alexander Skarsgård as his Sea King. I previously went with the late Paul Walker, but truthfully feel we need to both start over again. Skarsgård would be spot on for Namor, which is the problem. I strongly agree with his Mera, though, and have suggested her myself in the past. I'm also excited by his excellent suggestion of Giancarlo Esposito for J'onn J'onzz.

Justice League Satellite & Detroit was the go-to point for our team. In Daly's selections, he demonstrated an appreciation of the cast of Game of Thrones, including Emilia Clarke as Zatanna. I may be tainted by her royal countenance on that show, but Zee seems more like a cute neighbor than a queen in waiting, which is why I offered Zooey Deschanel.

The Vixen was the single most challenging and longest delayed casting pick I've ever attempted. Tika Sumpter was on my short list, so I approve of Daly going that way. I ultimately went with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, but continue to second guess the selection.

Gael Garcia Bernel is one of the most famous Latin actors in the movie industry, and one of my girlfriend's personal favorites. Vibe is frankly beneath him, but perhaps not Jake T. Austin. I wasn't too picky about emo bohunk Steel, so Jack Reynor is as good as Robbie Amell, and more age appropriate.

Will Forte as Elongated Man? Sure, Whatever. I haven't gotten around to him myself. Much as I like his missus, I think Daly overshot for Sue Dibney. Nina Dobrev is probably too big for Gypsy as well, but I'd be happy with her, though I prefer Raquel Castro. The villainy of Despero, Amazo, Ivo and more are also represented, so go fish in the links below!

Count Drunkula Casting Department

Sunday, January 26, 2014

2012 Strong Suits: Superhero Playing Cards Zatanna art by Craig Bostick

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I'm not much of a card player, but I'd have happily picked up this Silver Age DC Comic Heroes deck if it was still available. I expect a Mistress of Magic could have found a use for one, too.

Craig Bostick

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 DCU Movie Fan Casting: Jake T. Austin as Vibe

I'm no spring chicken, and I tend to cast a lot of older actors I've liked for many years in these "movies" designed for my mind. I practically relish throwing one middle aged name after another at my Martian Manhunter casting. However, some characters simply need to be played by the under twenty-one set, which usually requires research on my part. Seeing as I wanted to cast a Latino who would be known to English speaking audiences narrowed the field considerably. Still, based on looks and reel material I could find online, former Wizard of Waverly Place Jake T. Austin seems to fit the bill. He's even half(ish) Puerto Rican! He may fall a bit more on the New 52 side of the character, but that was actually one of its better series, so let's own it.

Diabolic Movie Fan Casting