Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 DCU Movie Fan Casting: Robbie Amell as Steel: The Indestructible Man II

With Hank Heywood III, I didn't need a big name, but I did want a decent sized young guy with a good build and an All-American quality. Since most of the actors of note who fit any of that bill seem to be too lean, shortish, or English, I went with the six foot Canadian. I tried to find a good blond, but Robbie Amell had the sweet-natured wholesomeness and lack of self-awareness that I was looking for, and at 23, I figure he can still play 18-19. Grandpa Steel had black hair, but I suppose a modest dye job to red could do for utmost authenticity.

For more, check this clipshow from 2008's Picture This.

Diabolic Movie Fan Casting

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