Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011 DC Movie Fan Casting: Paul Walker as Aquaman

I did not want to cast Paul Walker as Aquaman. Back in the late '90s, I fan casted a prospective Martian Manhunter with actors in or fast approaching middle age. I reposted the same cast a few years later, and was embarrassed to realize that just in that span of time, almost all of the actors were over forty, and today many are in their fifties. We have a young fresh Aquaman liable to demand top ten sales in September, a massive sea change from what one would expect from the Sea King. I tried going really young to match that fresh energy with Zac Efron, but the dude is just too small and, frankly, seems to be fading as a star already. Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk, seemed a lot more viable. However, besides being a dye blonde, the guy has a rather nasal voice that just didn't have the stuff for a monarch.

Paul Walker is about to turn 38, and has been popping up in Aquaman fan casts for years, in no doubt due to his cut body and appearances in movies like Into The Blue. He seems too old and too obvious, but the latter can't be helped, because he really is perfect for the part. He's handsome with a winning smile, piercing blue eyes, a fantastic body, and a voice that could believably command the sea. Prophylactic agism is no excuse for being dumb, so I'll pick the right Aquaman with a clear conscience.

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