Thursday, August 18, 2011

2006 "A Call to Arms, Part 5" by Darryl Banks

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I've leaned pretty heavily on amateur devianART of the Vixen for a while now, so if I haven't got a story post together yet, the least I can do is go pro on the pin-ups. This one even has personal relevance, since it was commissioned by friend and former customer Damon Owens as part of his "The Brotherhood" series featuring dream teams of African-descended super-heroes...

"This is part 5 of a 5-part commission featuring the Brotherhood answering a call to arms. This one features the Black Panther, Icon, and Vixen, beautifully penciled by Darryl Banks."

You can see the complete image here, adding Storm, Cyborg, the Metropolis Guardian, Hardware, Black Lightning, Mister Terrific, Technique, Triathlon, the Falcon, Green Lantern John Stewart, Mister Miracle, and Captain Marvel/Photon.

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