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Hola vatos! ¿Cómo estás? If chu haven't been to the blog for a while, chu might not know that a few months back, we changed to a funky fresh format spotlighting the Puerto Rican b-boy sensation Paco Ramone's aniversario cuarto del siglo, the culture of su vida loca, and the chill pop-locking jams of the old skool and moderno breakdance scenes. Mi homies are gettin' our posse on Broadway to raise the profiles of all our radical blogs, so be sure to bookmark this crib, and bust a move to these tricky treats. Don't be illin', yo!

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The Source for DC Comics' Nuclear Man

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A Blog for J'Onn J'Onzz, the Manhunter from Mars

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Boom Box: "How ya like me now: by Kool Moe Dee

I throw my tape on
And I watch ya
Three second later
I got ya shakin' your head
Dancin' instead of sittin'
The rhymes kick
The beats hittin' you
Just like a home run
Slammin' like a slam dunk
Riding the wave that James Brown gave funk
It happened to James like it happened to me
How you think I feel to see another MC
Gettin' paid usin' my rap style
And I'm playn' the background meanwhile
I ain't with that
You can forget that
You took my style
I'm takin' it back
I'm come back like "Return of the Jedi"
Sucker MC's in the place that said I
Could only rock rhymes
Only rock crowds
But never rock records

How ya like me now (x2)

Now brothers are riding me
Like a pony
I'm no phony
I'm the only real micaroni
Playin' the mic like it's supposed to be played
New jacks,you all shoulda stayed out of the business
What is this,amateur night at the Apollo?
Get off this stage,I'm in a rage
I'm like a lion that's been trapped in a cage
I'm the real king , rap is a jungle
I never understood,how could one go
To a party,watch me,stand around and jock me
Become a rapper,then try to rock me
Scheming like a demon,you're screamin' and dreamin'
I'm from the old school,I used to see men
Dies for less,but I'm not living that way
I'll let my mic do the talkin'
And let the music play

How ya like me now (x2)

Rap is an art
And I'm a Picasso
But of course
Why else would you try so
Hard to paint a picture, and try to get ya
Self in my shoes,but they won't fit ya
I'm bigger and better,forget about deffer
Every time I rocked the mic,I left a
Stain in your brain that will remain
Stuck in the back of your brain till you see me
Again,respect,I come correct
The rhymes I select are nothing short of
Vernacular's pure and I can insure
Life od death with my breath,my voice is a cure
I heal life from the words I spread
I'll make a sick man rock on his death bed
Sucker MC's , I'll make your girl say "ow"
She's jockin'

How ya like me now (x2)

It irked my nerve
When I heard
A sucker rapper that I know I'll serve
Run around town sayin' he is the best
Is that a test?
I'm not impressed
Get real,you're nothin' but a toy
Don't ya know I'll serve that boy
Just like a waiter
Hit'em with a place of
These fresh rhymes and
Make sure that he
Pays the bill,and leave him standin' still
When he's had enough,hit him with a refil
And for dessert it won't be no ice cream
I'm just gonna splatter and shatter his pipe dream
Make him feel the wrath,beat him and laugh
Then when I finish them,I'm gonna ask him
Who's the bests,and if he don't say Moe Dee
I'll take my whip and make him call himself Toby
Put him on punishment just like a child,then ask

How ya like me now

Whip him good,then I'll make him sweat
Talkin' about battles and never had a battle yet
But if we ever did
How could you beat me
You're so petrified
Even scared to meet me
My word's the law
That's why you don't beef
You're nothing but a punk,track star,and a thief
So I'm puttin' you on punishment
Just like a child
Never touch another mic

How ya like me now (x2)

I could continue
There's more on the menu
But relax 'cos I'm so far in you
You had enough
I know you're overstuffed
If I keep going
You'll be throwin' up
Old rhymes I used to say
Back in the day
When you used to me
To my parties and pay
Nobody's ever gonna rack me
This I vow
So all I wanna say is

How ya like me now (X2)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
How to Pop and Lock With Adam Sevani and Jon Chu

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Barrio Review: "D.C. Cab" (1983)

I remember watching this movie as a kid at a dollar cinema in 1984. The opening "Star Wars" riffing trawl and the spooky night sequence drew me right in, until the comedy stylings of Charlie Barnett completely sold me. Further, this was the inspirational story of a Vietnam vet and his dead buddy's son turning around a bottom-feeding cab company. How could you lose with such a fantastic ensemble of luminaries like Max "Wojo" Gail, Mr. T., Paul Rodriguez, Whitman "Grady" Mayo, Bill Maher, and the Barbarian Brothers?

In 1984 with an idiot kid, you couldn't. In 2009? Big, big loss.

Written by a Joel Schumacher early in his direcing career and likely trying to recapture the magic of Carwash, D.C. Can is a monstrosity. A painfully young Adam Baldwin headlined the weak thread of a main story, while oversized TV and comedy club entertainers were expected to ad-lib their way to a funny movie. That expectation does not pan out, resulting instead in relentlessly obnoxious mugging for the camera. Falling back on the most tired of formulas, the movie drifts from one random episode into another until wrapping things up with everyone banding together to save our imperiled hero. There's lots of cursing, and an obligatory nude scene, capping D.C. Cab as the epitome of bad 1980s distractions that masquerade as humor.

All in all, the flick isn't completely worthless. Gary Busey has some good bits, while a young Marsha "Roz" Warfield offers both a solid dramatic performance and *gasp* some sex appeal. Scream Queen Jill Schoelen at 19 should have guys my age panting, and the soundtrack is surprisingly good. The movie, while still garbage, doesn't so much stab you in the eye as lap lazily against you. If you can allow yourself to passively idle on the beach along the vast ocean of 80s mediocrity, you could discard a small piece of your life with this flick. Otherwise, it should be avoided at all costs.

Speaking of the soundtrack, Irene Cara makes a cameo, and offers a memorable tune over the closing credits, "The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream...)"

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Vibe on Justice League Unlimited

Every appearance! Word!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Lowrider Favoritez: "Jungle Fever" by The Chakachas
Written By: Bill Ador
Released: 1972
Album: Jungle Fever
Single?: Reached #8 on Billboard

The Chakachas were Latin soul studio musicians out of Belgium whose string of charting European singles began in the late 1950s. However, in the States they're generally regarded as one hit wonders from this funk hit.

Translated Lyrics:

Oh-- oh, what a fever.

No. No. No. Ahh-- Aiii...

Like that-- like that-- like that-- ahhhh!

Softly-- no--no-- no-- yes...


Ai! No! More!

Keep going! Tell me!



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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Boom Box: "Nobody Move" by Eazy-E (featuring MC Ren)
Released: 1988
Album: Eazy-Duz-It
Single?: No.

Yo Ren, you're ready to go get this move?
[Believe that, boy]
You're strapped?
[Yeah, you know it]
Let's go do this, man, I got it all planned out
[Yeah, shoot any goober that moves]

["Alright everybody..."]

This is a stick-up, everybody get face-down
Ren, gag their mouths so they can't make a sound
Tie em up for the fact that I'm kickin butt
I got my hand on my gat, and I'm tempted to blast
My name is Eazy, but I go the hard way out
This ain't personal, but now I'm about
to commit a crime and go thru with it
You know what, no need for shakin, because I'm used to it
Take out the security guard with a slap of my hand
Yeah, he's wearin' a badge, but he's a old fart man
Pump his bum in the head, and take his gun
so me and the punk can go one on one
Cover the lens on the TV screen
you know, so me and my gang just can't be seen
Lock the doors, and throw away the key
Close the blinds, so no interlopers could see
and smile, you know, cause I'm controllin the stuff
and no sucker ass colored persons' gonna stop the hit
Wardrobes and locs, and a Ruthless shirt
That means I'm ready to work, and rush a fool to the dirt, so


["Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt"] *pow*
(repeat 4X)

[Alright, anybody move and I'll blow yo fornicating head off]

Empty your pockets, but do it slow
Take everything you got and lay it on the waxed floor
Don't make me have to set an example today
and blow one of you wild and crazy guys away
I'm in a bank, and it's a little bit funny
takin all you stupid ignoramuses' money
Peepin at a mademoiselle cause my phallus' on hard
Laughin at the dumb crumb security guard
who's tied up for the moment, not sayin' a word
I should have known it before, the poindexter's a nerd
But back to the fairer sex I'm peepin
and then untie the lady of the evening, so I can start creepin
Took her to the backroom, about to masturbate
Cold trailed the senorita, with a gun in the back
I said: "Lay down, and unbutton your bra!"
There was the biggest mammaries that a person of color ever saw
I said: "Damn", then the air got thinner
Only thought in my mind, was goin' up in her
The suspense was makin' me sick
She took her panties down and the "lady" had a penis!
I said: "Damn", dropped the gat from my hand
[What I thought was a female, was nothing but a man]
Put the gat to his legs, all the way up his skirt
because this is one homosexual that I had to hurt, so


[I said get down. I want you all face-down on the floor
Anybody moves and I shoot]

Stackin up the money and there's more to collect
cause I don't give a care, I take traveler's checks
Yo, Ren, peep out the window, and tell me what you see
[Three mother loving police starin at me; what to do now?]
Hurry up and get on
Alright, tell me, who hit the gosh darn alarm?
I'm a give ya a chance, and count to three
or else five of ya folks are comin with me
[Police: Alright, Alright, come out negroids, or we're coming in
This is the only chance to turn yourself in]
Skunk you! We got hostages, and plenty of loot
and don't give a heck and not afraid to shoot
We're sendin out the hostages, all except five
and if you don't meet our demands, they won't stay alive
We want a copter, so we can get away clean
and take some vagina along, if you know what I mean
One hostage got brave, and got off the floor
but I smoked his buttocks before he got to the door
[Police: They shot a hostage, they shot a hostage!]
[MC Ren: You're a stupid poopyhead tryin' to run
now ya dead as Elizabeth Taylor tryin' to race a gun]
[Police: Alright, this is the last chance to get off your booty
or else the tear gas is about to blast]
I ran to the back and Ren followed behind
to a h-e-double-hockey-sticks of a spot that was hard to find
The bank was fritzed up, the doody was smokin
with screamin hostages, runnin and chokin
Gettin away, but I was suddenly stopped
at point blank range, by a jaywalking cop
And I hope they don't think that a lesson was taught
cause an African-American like the E was finally caught
My gat wouldn't fire, the thingy wouldn't work
So, y'all know what time it is


[Gangster: Well I'm giving you five seconds to let us thru the gate or
I'm gonna shoot two of your guards]

[Hehe, they got me once, but they'll never get me again]

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Sunday, March 20, 2011
2001 Aaliyah Album Comic Book Ad

Added Bonus: The advertised single, "We Need A Resolution" by Aaliyah (featuring Timbaland)

Written By: Tim Mosley & Steve Garrett
Released: 2001
Album: Aaliyah
Single?: Yes-- A minor hit.

[Verse - 1]
Did you sleep on the wrong side?
I'm catching a bad vibe
And it's contagious, What's the latest?
Speak your heart, Don't bite your tongue
Don't get it twisted, Don't misuse it
What's your problem?
Lets resolve it
We can solve it, What's the causes?
It's official, You got issues
I got issues, but I know I miss you

[Chorus - 1]
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Who should be blamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Who should be ashamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Will we remain?
You need a resolution, I need a resolution,
We need a resolution, We have so much confusion.

[Verse - 2]
I want to know: Where were you last night?
I fell asleep on the couch, I thought we were going out
I want to know: Were your fingers broke?
If you had let me know, I wouldn't have put on my clothes
I want to know: Where'd you go instead?
Cause it was 4 in the morning, When you crept back in the bed
I want to know: What was in your head?
Or what was in my head? Am I supposed to change?

[Chorus - 2]
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Who should be blamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Who should be ashamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? And will we remain?
You need a resolution, I need a resolution,
We need a resolution, We have so much confusion.

Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? and who should be blamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Who should be ashamed?
Am I supposed to change? Are you supposed to change?
Who should be hurt? Will we remain?
You need a resolution, I need a resolution,
We need a resolution, We have so much confusion.

[Bridge - Aaliyah]
Baby let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)
You'll let me know, You'll let me know (I will)

[Rap - Timbaland]
Girl holla!!
You give me bits and pieces
You tryna blame me when I don't even know the reason
I think it's just the season, Maybe the month, Maybe the building
Now tell me what's the reason? Snoop video? Looks are deceiving
So, cut the crying, Cut the coughing, Cut the weazing, Girl
Quit the blaming, Cut the naming, Cut the sleeping, Girl
I think you need some prayer, Better call the deacon, Girl
So, get your act right or else we won't be speaking, Girl
So, what's it gonna be? Freaky, freaky... Me and you?
Or is it gonna be who blames who?
I'm tired of these things, I'm tired of these scars
I think I'm gonna get me a drink, I'll call you tomorrow

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1978 The Vixen Promo Ad

I thought I might have had this ad in one of my own comics, but I can't seem to find it, so I pulled this image off the internet and tarted it up digitally. The art is by Bob Oksner and Vince Colletta, taken from a half-splash on page fourteen of what would have been The Vixen #1. It remains the only piece of art from the first Vixen story to ever be professionally colored for an official DC publication.

Friday, March 25, 2011

2007 San Diego Comic-Con The Vixen & Captain Atom Cosplay

Click To Enlarge

I mourn never getting to see actress Gina Torres play Vixen in the flesh as well as she did the voice for the character on the Justice League Unlimited, but the above amateur's cosplay form the San Diego Comic-Con International may well be the closest I'll ever see to realizing that dream. I don't care if the muscles are airbrushed, that is a fit model in a ginchy uniform. Weird combo with Captain Atom, though.

Hopefully, next week our Lady Fox coverage will finally drift back to Wednesday/Thursday after getting juggled around because of other characters' features. We should also have more substantial posts in April, as I have several still in the can, but want them to have breathing space.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zatara in Action Comics #16 (September, 1939)

"Walking in the country one night, Zatara and Tong pause to look at a man who stands in the moonlight..." They noticed that any part of the farmer that came in contact with a moonbeam was turned to mist, and suddenly the fellow was being swept off the Earth against his will. Zatara conjured magic hands through backward speech to catch the farmer, then questioned the man. The farmer was disoriented, having been immaterial, but never losing his senses during the change. Zatara decided that they should consult his scientist friend Djersinsky, who was aware that Harron in England was experimenting with such a principle. The idea was to convert a man to "cosmic molecules" and transfer the weightless being across planets, but it was only theoretical. Zatara thought this was unreal, "but adventurous," and vowed to investigate fully.

Back at the farm the next night, Tong was shot in the shoulder by a would-be assassin looking to deal with these "meddlers." Zatara caused his arms to freakishly extend and "sic" the gunman. Zatara then made the goon see visions of ghouls surrounding him as a means of extorting information. Zatara was magically able to see what happened as the man spoke. The gunman had been confronted by a glowing triangular being that communicated directly with his mind. "You want to be given food- or else you'll burn me to a crisp by a touch of your queer body!" The gunman directed Zatara to the observatory where the alien had first arrived, and from which he had sent food to some elsewhere.

Zatara met with Gorla, the triangle creature, who demanded obedience. The Master Magician tried to read its mind, but was left reeling as if struck by a physical blow. For centuries, Gorla's planetmen had been forming a small pool that would help the aliens transmit themselves anywhere in the universe. Zatara was placed in this pool, and sent to the mother planet Saturn, where he would serve as a sample Earthman for their ruler Ool. The method of transport was beyond Zatara's knowledge or ability to affect, so he passively traveled to Saturn.

Once there, Zatara was bound by a green alien with "A lasso! This is something I can understand, at least." Zatara commanded "Ossal flesruoy," and the alien was himself lassoed, rather than the magician. Poora was surprised Gorla had sent such a dangerous Earthling back home, but agreed to take Zatara to Ool. "He will know how to handle you!"

Poora revealed that Saturn had once been covered in water and navigated by great sailors, but since drying up was left as nothing but sandy sea bottom. Tests were being conducted to determine if Earth was inhabitable, and if so, all of Saturn would migrate there. The "grand and noble" city of Ool yet stood. "Look how its walls and towers gleam in the sun!" Zatara released Poora so that he could command the city's guards to clear a path to his father. Poora was concerned about Ool's anger should they catch him in the midst of one of his experiments.

Ool was in contact with Gorla, and although surprised by his strange appearance, was pleased the scout could confirm Earth's habitability. A guard then alerted mighty Ool of his son's arrival with Zatara, and the ruler looked forward to meeting a foolish Earthling. Zatara tried to negotiate a peace pact, but Ool mocked the magician and proclaimed, "Know that I, Ool, command- and you obey!" The Saturnians are really big on dominance and S&M imagery, something that would turn up again in Jemm, Son of Saturn.

Zatara continued trying to make nice with Ool, but upon threat of imprisonment, turned the tables on the ruler of Saturn. When reversed words caused the city of Ool to disappear, the leader yet refused to relent. "I- I'll have your blood for this, Earthman!" Zatara showed Ool visions of a revived Saturn, and Ool tried to stab the magician to death. Zatara simply vanished, and Poora attempted to sooth his father's fury. Ool cursed Gorla for sending such a powerful opponent, and when Zatara and the city reappeared, Ool continued his attempts on the magician's life through a guard's chucked spear.

Zatara had enough of this nonsense, and proceeded to initiate a protracted regimen of humiliation and demonstration to finally cow Ool into accepting his defeat, ending with a vision of Saturn's destruction. Ool ordered Gorla's return from Earth and the cessation of all activities there. Upon returning, Gorla reverted back to his normal form. Ool saw Zatara as a "god like friend" after the magician constructed an "irrigation canal system" to help Saturn produce vegetation anew, as well as instruction on how to build more. Zatara then bid Saturn adieu, returning to his wounded manservant Tong, who was still laying in the grass. Zatara figured Djersinsky would never believe his tale, but thought he might share it with his more accepting readers in "Action Comics!"

"Zatara the Master Magician and the Terror from Saturn" was produced by Fred Guardineer.

Golden Age Day

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Elongated Man Blog!

Rafa Rivas of the Yucatán claims to have a direct line on Gingold, the elixir that has been a contortionist's favorite for years and bestowed the power of elongation upon one Ralph Dibny. Perhaps this explains Rivas' being enamored enough with the character to give him his own blog, Ralph Dibny, the World-Famous Elongated Man. I firmly believe that every super-hero possible should have their own blog, and I certainly support the creation of ones for JLD members. Between my treating 2011 as "The Year of The Vixen" through weekly posts and cutting back frequency of this blog (obviously not as of this week, but feast before famine,) I think it's great that someone's picking up my upcoming slack. Rivas also authored an Elongated Man Biography online, so check it out!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2010 Vixen by Michael "mic?" Magtanong

Click To Enlarge

It's Spring Break, and I've got the middling-to-poor page load numbers to prove it, so we're going all pin-ups this week. Here's the Lady Fox by mic?

If it ain't obvious yet, you gotta know... I loves me some Mari Jiwe McCabe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Motor City Links

I'm tired of covering all that Batman crap among the links, so I'm evicting him. Same goes for Aquaman, as he has entirely too many Flashpoint appearances solicited this month, and two perfectly good solo blogs to cover them. It was that or give up this link list altogether, but there were too many JLD-related spotlight comics this month for me to do that. Martian Manhunter stuff remains slim here, because I already cover it at a blog of his own. See here:
The Idol-Head of Diabolu, a Martian Manhunter blog
The Aquaman Shrine
The Aquaman Website

When the World’s Greatest Heroes learn that a family of mobster demons called the Diablos have declared a gang war on the Sentinels of Magic (Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Deadman, and others), the JLA split up to protect the mages of the DC Universe. Collecting the four-issue miniseries from 2001.
On sale JUNE 15 • 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US
I already covered this mediocrity as a four issue mini-series: #1, #2, #3, #4


JSA 80-PAGE GIANT 2011 #1
The JSA’s many members each take a turn in the spotlight in seven stories from some of the brightest talent in the industry! Judomaster, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Tomcat mix it up with the Yakuza in Japan! Citizen Steel turns to Jay Garrick when he finds the only pain that can penetrate his unbreakable skin! And the Spectre returns to haunt the Society! Plus stories of Alan Scott, Hawkman, Sandman, and more!
On sale JUNE 1 • 80 pg, FC, $5.99 US • RATED T


As the Tattooed Man battles Vixen, Deathstroke and The Titans finally put aside their differences to escape the telepathic madman Drago. And if they do manage to meet up with Osiris and his sister Isis, will they be able to survive the long-awaited confrontation with the JLA?
On sale JUNE 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+


Written by PAUL DINI
Zatanna’s struggle against Brother Night forces the Maid of Magic to reach into the darkest places for a mystic edge in battle. But now that she’s fighting as dirty as Night, will Zatanna’s own soul be lost in the process?
On sale JUNE 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

Monday, March 14, 2011

2009 Zatanna Commission by Cat Staggs

Click To Enlarge

Copic Markers/colored pencils... Bristol paper...

A VERY VERY long over due commission. First time I have ever drawn this character..I think.. Thank you for being so patient.

Zatannaday doesn't work as well on a Monday as Saturday, but I recently learned The Other Side blog hosts a far more consistent and in-depth Zatannuday post than I can manage. Since I'll be trimming blogging here down to 1-2 posts per week for the foreseeable future, with emphasis on the Vixen, I say catch your Zees whenever you can.

Spring Break Staggs
2007 DC Legacy The Atom Chase Card
2011 The Huntress Art
2007 DC Legacy Martian Manhunter Chase Card
2009 "Tales of Wonder Wonder Woman" Charity Auction Art

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mordecai Mule

Alter Ego: Mordecai Mule
Occupation: Furrier, smuggler
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Metropolis
First Appearance: Action Comics #521 (July, 1981)

Legally in the United States, Mordecai Mule was an exotic furrier who owned legitimate Metropolis businesses like Shandar Furs. Illegally abroad, Mule poached endangered animals protected by the governments in their native lands, specifically India. This unconscionable trade brought Mule to the attention of the vigilante known as the Vixen, who began systematically destroying Mule's shipments to America. The Vixen's crusade in turn drew Superman into the plot.

Near financial ruin, Mordecai Mule traveled to New Delhi to personally oversea a major shipment. Mule became aware that the television reporter Lana Lang was investigating his affairs, and decided to eliminate her. Mule started an elephant stampede to crush Lang and her associates, but Superman saved the group in time. Mule himself was confronted by the Vixen, whom he tried to skewer with a blade hidden in the tip of his cane. The corpulent criminal lacked the speed and stamina to connect with the Vixen, causing himself to pass out from exhaustion. Mule and an accomplice were bound together by the heroine and left for local authorities.

"The wind seems strong today. That's good. It'll carry the scent of fear when we start the stampede!"

Created by: Gerry Conway & Curt Swan

Monday, March 7, 2011

2009 "JLA-Aquaman" by Marcus Kelligrew

Click To Enlarge

I dig this picture because it takes an often mundane Aquaman activity and makes it dynamic. The Sea King is really bursting out of the ocean, with roiling and splashes of water looking like liquid flames. The awkward bending of the wrist grabs your attention in a good Steve Ditko way, and the pose as a whole reminds me of the Aquaman Silly Bandz. I also think it's cool that instead of some lame ass lighthouse or boring cove there's some kind of mid-Atlantic super compound in the background. It's probably an aircraft carrier or oil platform, but let's pretend it's an advanced island city for Aquaman to patrol instead, like Shark-Man's. My only complaint is that distracting black moon, extraneous in more ways than one, considering the Martian Manhunter also got one as part of this seven piece set...

Friday, March 4, 2011

2008 "Fox Hunt" Vixen & Zorro Commission by Tony DeZuniga

Click To Enlarge

Michael "Swanshadow" Rankins is a prolific comic art collector and blogger who makes a living with writing (and some voice acting on the side.) Rankin often commissions two characters to a piece for a series called "Common Elements.":

"For the second consecutive year, I decided to take a shot at commissioning a new Common Elements piece at WonderCon. Tony DeZuniga accepted the challenge of matching the legendary Zorro with the JLA's Vixen, who makes her second Common Elements appearance here. In case you're struggling to figure out the common element in this one, ask a Spanish-speaking friend what "Zorro" means. Commissioned and completed at WonderCon 2008. Special thanks to Tony's lovely wife Tina, for hunting up some Zorro reference for Tony on the spot."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Batman #479 (Early June, 1992)

After having been missing for a week, a banker in his twenties named Robert Buick was found nearly dead by the Batman. Buick's nude body showed clear signs of torture, and he was discovered with his feet and hands bound by rope, dangling in a crucifix pose from a fire escape. After receiving care at a hospital, Buick displayed emotional trauma, and feigned memory loss when questioned about his captors. Buick also fearfully demanded he be tended to by a male nurse, and later tried to contact his friend Peter Langan, but got an answering machine. "You have to call me. It's urgent! You--you could be killed!" Batman had run a feign of his own, pretending to have left while secretly observing Buick's actions.

While driving home from a club, yuppie Peter Langan was run off the road by a pickup truck. The driver proved to be a statuesque blond with an amazonian build, clad in skimpy brown leather from mask to sandals. Langan went from mad to lecherous at the sight of her, but the woman made clear "I dress to please myself, and I'm far from sorry" with a kick to his face. As Langan was judo thrown against a wall, he learned "The name is Pagan. And you and your kind-- can show me nothing at all!"

Batman had determined Langan's path from the club to his penthouse with the help of a doorman, but caught sight of the wrecked sports car en route. The Dark Knight Detective could tell from the point of impact that a light-colored truck was likely involved, and had been damaged in the crash, based on the trail of oil it left behind.

Pagan had taken Peter Langan to an abandoned warehouse, where she began battering him physically and verbally. "Scream all you like, Peter. No one will hear... Beg? That must be hard for such a macho man, Peter! Not very nice when someone makes you plead, now is it? Makes you sick when you realize they have all the power and you have none. Doesn't it? Especially when they ignore your pleas!" Pagan was disappointed Langan fainted after fewer blows than Buick, but "I'll be here when you wake up!"

Batman found the abandoned truck, and determined from footprints that "she" had switched vehicles. From the Batmobile, he called Lieutenant Kitch, the investigator on the case. As a favor, Kitch cross-referenced Buick and Langan in the police records, and found they had both walked on an assault and battery charge against a girl a couple of years back.

Pagan tossed a bucket of water on Langan, and his beating continued. "You know why I'm doing this, don't you, Peter? Remember Sondra?" Langan did, as a drunken accident. "Beating a seventeen-year-old girl unconscious was an accident?" Pagan believed the male judge in the case was guaranteed to side with the wealthy yuppies over an also-drunk teenager. "You left scars that could never heal. You stole her life! ...I'm going to teach you what it's like, Peter...!"

Batman met Sondra Mercer's parents, who explained that their daughter was a vivacious, friendly girl everyone loved before "those animals" destroyed their entire family. Sondra couldn't even stand to be near her father anymore, while Langan and Buick got off scot-free. The Dark Knight wanted to know where he could find Sondra now. "Is this some kind of sick joke? Sondra committed suicide a week after the trial!"

Pagan made Langan cry out the same plea Sondra made to him. "Please don't hurt me. Let me go! I won't tell anyone if you just let me go...!" The men hadn't listened then, so why should Pagan now? Just as she had pulled a knife, Batman found the pair, and a batarang disarmed Pagan. Batman tried to get through to Marian Mercer, the sister who felt like she had died with Sondra, but couldn't get past the vengeful Pagan. The man-hating vigilante had some solid moves, but she wasn't fool enough to take on Batman, and instead leapt out a six story window to a waiting guide wire. Sliding down to a motorcycle she had stashed, Pagan shouted back " haven't heard the last of me! Gotham's a man's city-- it needs a woman to redress the balance! I'll be back!"

Batman expected Pagan might escape, and took the time to chain the back wheel of her chopper before rescuing Langan. Pangan was thrown off the bike and knocked unconscious. Langan began to thank the Batman. "You have no reason to thank me, Mr. Langan... I'm handing you over to the police. And one more thing-- don't ever thank me again!"

"Pagan" was by Alan Grant & Tom Mandrake. I'm not sure what Batman intended to turn Langan over to the police for, as double jeopardy would prevent re-visitation of the assault charge. Maybe Peter had confessed to raping Sondra, but that was left ambiguous, and would be damned tough to prove in court. I believe it's also worth sharing that I saw an awful lot of parallels between this story and the plot to the fourth Clint Eastwood "Dirty Harry" picture, Sudden Impact, in which Sondra Locke played the vigilante.