Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shield Mrs. Jiwe

As Hank spread his arms and leaned back toward Mrs. Jiwe, he felt her hand firmly press against his side. A few seconds later, Heywood found himself launched like a rocket into the disguised Lizard-Men, bowling them over like pins. Hank turned to see the Jiwes sprinting for the nearest exit, the missus surprisingly spry for a woman so long with child. Gathering his senses, Hank clobbered the remaining Lizard-Men before they could recover, and took one of their machine guns. Racing after the Jiwes, Hank was met by one of his subordinates. Heywood was informed that the company had received a tip that Lizard-Men disguised as federal agents were about to raid their Detroit plant.

Heywood reached Ray Palmer's office at his Detroit lab, and warned him of the upcoming attack. Palmer confirmed that the building had already been surrounded, but was incredulous when Heywood ordered him to release a troop of Synthetic Men the company had been developing. Palmer hung up without confirming his intentions, and Heywood had to determine his own.

Suit up for battle?
Try to escape the country?

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