Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rush the Lizard-Men

Hank lunged at the Lizard-Men, taking down several before gunfire ripped through his artificial flesh. Surprisingly, an animalistic growl came up from behind, and the remaining Lizard-Men began spraying their cold blood across the room. Covered in gore was Mrs. Jiwe, heavy with child, yet feral as a jungle cat. Her husband cried, "The totem? You promised!" His wife replied, "We needed it! Would you rather lose your child than defend ourselves?" The Jiwes' attention returned to Heywood, unexpectedly fit, given his wounds.

Just then, one of Hank's subordinates burst into the hall. Heywood was informed that the company had received a tip that Lizard-Men disguised as federal agents were about to raid their Detroit plant. Hank looked at the Jiwes, and said, "We both got our secrets. Point me in the direction of a phone, and I'll make sure to keep yours."

Heywood reached Ray Palmer's office at his Detroit lab, and warned him of the upcoming attack. Palmer confirmed that the building had already been surrounded, but was incredulous when Heywood ordered him to release a troop of Synthetic Men the company had been developing. Palmer hung up without confirming his intentions, and Heywood had to determine his own.

Suit up for battle?
Try to escape the country?

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