Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Vixen Watercolor by Shelton Bryant

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It was never my intention to create a Justice League Detroit blog. Back when I had a Martian Manhunter fan site hosted on WebTV, I could only load about four editable pages of material at a time. To remedy this and allow myself a variety of (default option) backgrounds, I just created a new "site" for each major section. Te Detroit kids were on one of them, with this same rivet background I dug up out of a file folder on disc. When I came back to the internet with a daily Manhunter blog, I started organizing it like my old set-up, before I realized I could just create link menus and sidebars to serve the same role. However, this side blog developed a following of its own, and I certainly like the team, so I've tried to honor them suitably. In the last year, this blog has played a role in my intra/inter-blog crossovers, ZatannaDay Saturdays have been fairly reliable, and a decent amount of AquaMondays and BaTuesdays came into being. I really don't care for Elongated Man, but there's so many books around my house that involve him, he seems to be reasonably well represented here. We may have been haphazard, unfocused and reliant on art posts, but I think it all turned out okay.

I mention this because a bunch of Motor City Leaguers have been admittedly slighted. I always mean to work of Gypsy posts for my Manhunter blog, but they rarely make it to posting. Steel's an alright guy, but there isn't a lot to work with there outside material I've already covered, and I'm not enough of a fan to actively seek more out. I actually dislike Vibe, but he inspires a handful of oddball/tongue-in-cheek posts each year, so I think he's gotten his share of the spotlight.

The one character on the team I really feel guilty about mishandling is Vixen. She's my favorite team member after J'Onn and Arthur, and unlike those two, lacks a blogging venue all her own. I think she's a dynamic character and serves an important role in DC and JLA history. I considered a "February for a Lady Fox" theme month, but that sort of token display irks me, and I want Mari to have a more prominent role here every month. Therefore, consider Thursday Vixen's property, which should guarantee her at least two days space to spread out, since I avoid slow traffic Friday posting. Unlike ZatannaDay and the rest, I also refuse to throw Vixen a pin-up bone every week or two. Expect at least one meaty post every month, from story synopsizes to behind-the-scenes material and more. Next week should be a doozy, let me tell you, and I've already got a bunch of other great material "banked" for coming weeks and months. I hope you look forward to it.

In the meantime, here's a lovely abstract watercolor by Shelton Bryant. There is a ton of T&A Vixen art out there, and be prepared for lots of buxom nudes if you search out any more art by Mr. Bryant, but I wanted to start things off with this classy watercolor.


Doug said...

Vixen's always been my fave. I toyed with the notion of a Vixen blog myself, but chose to champion the Doom Patrol (and eventually, although incredibly intermittently Red Tornado as well) instead.

Diabolu Frank said...

Before you launched "Catching Zees," I thought it was going to be a Zatanna blog. Then I went "ohhhh...."