Sunday, July 4, 2010

2007 Gaslight Batman Custom Action Figure by Sillof

Gaslight Justice League


Although the line was designed to go with the original DC Direct Batman figure, I knew fairly early on that I was going to at least modify the existing Batman (head, symbol, belt, paint) to have a more cohesive look with the rest of the line.

This isn't BaTuesday, and I've been pretty lame about supplying those anyway, but I'll run a Batman post today all the same. My fellow Americans (U.S. flavor) are celebrating our independence from England (circa 1776,) but The Irredeemable Shag of Once Upon a Geek inspired me to look at how things might have played out had things gone the other way. The unofficial first DC Comics "Elseworld" alternate universe prestige format story was Gotham by Gaslight, which saw the Dark Knight turn up in the Victorian Era. That book inspired a fan by the name of Sillof to create a small line of steampunk custom action figures dubbed the "Gaslight Justice League." His Batman is pretty faithful to Mike Mignola's comic book design, but Sillof's Aquaman & Black Manta are pretty wild. His dapper take on The Martian Manhunter is my favorite of Detroit Leaguers represented. Wonder Woman and Gorilla Grodd are also pretty boss, and what would Batman be with The Joker? See then all at Sillof's "Gaslight Justice League."

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