Monday, June 28, 2010

Justice League of America #13-15 (11/07- 1/08)

Batman was left in a straight jacket by the Joker at the Hall of Doom. The Caped Crusader dislocated his shoulders to find release, but was swiftly recaptured by the Clown Prince, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd and Dr. Light.

Vixen attended a meeting of the remaining Justice League members to plot their next course of action. Superman suggested she join Black Canary and himself in visiting the warehouse where Firestorm, Batman and Red Arrow had their recent battles. While Dinah was out of earshot, the Man of Steel confronted the Lady Fox about his deduction that Vixen could no longer access the morphogenetic field. Instead, she had somehow been siphoning the powers of her fellow heroes to compensate. Superman figured it was best Vixen stick by him, as he had power to spare. He also suggested Vixen should level with her teammates, and try to correct the problem with their help.

The trio were ambushed by Dr. Light, Gorilla Grodd and Cheetah. Canary launched into an overwhelming assault on the rapist of her friend Sue Dibny, until Grodd pulled her off Light. Vixen, with her Kryptonian powers, managed to knock out the Super-Gorilla with one punch. However, the Parasite had been in hiding, and seized Vixen. Through her bond with Superman, Parasite took out both heroes with his absorption powers. Black Lightning showed up to run Parasite off, but not before he teleported away with all the other heroes and villains save Superman.

Vixen was bound and tortured along with her teammates, as Lex Luthor played games with Superman and Black Lightning. Before long though, Firestorm made the scene to free Batman, and the Caped Crusader extended the courtesy to everyone else.

Vixen fought her way past a molten foe to restore Superman's powers with a kiss. It was all downhill from there for the villain's camp, and Vixen's old acquaintances Amanda Waller and Ben Turner (along with the current Suicide Squad) carted them all away.

Batman, believing Firestorm to power to be left to his own devices, drafted Firestorm into the League.

The Injustice League" was by Dwayne McDuffie, Joe Benitez, Ed Benes, Victor Llamas and Sandra Hope.

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