Saturday, July 24, 2010

2008 Hallmark Expressions Justice League Unlimited Grandson Birthday Card

Anyone who visits the greeting card aisle has likely come across one of the very many great Batman related items. Just the other day I saw one with gorgeous art (Ryan Sook?) that came with a button, and my personal favorite is a gray gift bag with a felt Bat-symbol modeled after the classic Silver Age Batman costume. Today though, we'll look at a vertical tri-fold number with embossed figures of the founding members of the aughts Justice League cartoon (sans Hawkgirl.) It should come as no surprise that Hallmark put their best marketing foot forward with the World's Finest duo on the cover fold, followed by the obligatory woman and minority, allowing Martian Manhunter and the Flash to bring up the rear. There's a mix & match game involving connecting all the male heroes to their powers, if you allow for "Utility Belt" as a power.

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