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The Top Ten Vixen Covers

Escaping from Africa after the murder of her parents, Mari Jiwe McCabe became a supermodel in the United States. As the inheritor of the Tantu Totem, Mari could access the powers of the animal kingdom to seek justice as the Vixen. I was introduced to her through Suicide Squad, and randomly bumped into Vixen on various books until finally becoming a fan upon reading her first run on Justice League of America. Mari's a vivacious and formidable woman who has finally begun to see the respect she deserves in recent years, even if her subplot in the last League series seemed endless and was ultimately mangled. Vixen's my favorite Detroit member after Manhunter and Aquaman, so compiling this list was a pleasure...

10) Action Comics #521 (July, 1981)
I had to include Vixen's first published appearance, hideous costume and awkward layout inclusive.

9) Suicide Squad #43 (July, 1990)
I realize this may look to the uninitiated like an old man trying to grope Mari, but that's actually the Soviets' answer to the Golden Age Superman.

8) Vixen: Return of the Lion #3 (February, 2009)
This is just such a weird-cool cover, I had to include it. Besides, this whole mini-series was a feast for the eyes.

7) The Flash #46 (January, 1991)
The Lady Fox versus the Scarlet Speedster at the command of Gorilla Grodd? I'm so there!

6) Vixen: Return of the Lion #4 (March, 2009)
A bit on the serene side, but Vixen has been more delicate since the end of the Detroit era.

5) Justice League of America #239 (June, 1985)
Once again, Vixen is a lady fox not to be trifled with, here girding for lethal combat against her murderous uncle.

4) Justice League of America #38 (December, 2009)
As with the Detroit League, Vixen is again among the last heroes standing against a devastating threat at the end of her team's short life. Factor in this issue setting up an all-girl Detroit reunion against their resurrected male counterparts. Account for the absence of much needed A-listers and a visit from Despero. There you have a meaningful image for the Bronze Age faithful.

3) Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 (December, 2008)
A gorgeous cover just a tad too similar in elements to the #1 pick.

2) Justice League of America #234 (January, 1985)
Vixen at her most furiously feral, on her first spotlight cover in the costume that set the standard for all that followed.

1) Justice League of America #4- J.G. Jones Cover (January, 2007)
A work of art!

Honorable Mentions:
Animal Man #10
Animal Man #44
Birds of Prey #72
Birds of Prey #73
DC Comics Presents #68
JSA Classified #16
Justice League of America #12
Justice League of America #24
Justice League of America #26
Justice League Unlimited #21
Suicide Squad #11
Suicide Squad #25
Vixen: Return of the Lion #2
Justice League of America #40
Titans #36
Justice League International #6

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade Volume One, Cancelled Comic Cavalcade Volume Two
Vixen showed up on both these pseudo-covers to xeroxed copies of unpublished comics that fell victim to the DC Implosion. Technically, these would constitute Vixen's first appearances, since the first issue of her aborted series has never seen print anywhere else.

Speaking of which, here's my badly colored look at the cover to The Vixen #1:

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