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Justice League of America Wedding Special #1 (November, 2007)

Batman had the foresight to recognize that Ollie Queen would not want strippers at his bachelor party, and that paparazzi would inevitably swarm the Happy Harbor, Rhode Island hotel Hal Jordan had planned the event at. The Dark Knight advanced Jordan some cash to pay off the exotic dancers, and asked John Stewart to decorate the Hall of Justice in anticipation of the party's relocation.

The Martian Manhunter, still in his One Year Later "conehead" look, attended Oliver Queen's bachelor party at the Hall of Justice. He was seen relating a story to Beast Boy that excited the changeling so much he covered his mouth with both hands-- or something.

Aquaman, by whom I mean the young Joseph Arthur Curry that began appearing as the Sword of Atlantis in this period, walked a few feet past the pair. Later, Joesph was pestered by Guy Gardner. Tempest was also in attendance.

Firestorm was following a lead on a case when he ended up mauled by a new super-villain collective and left for dead. Some noteworthy parties affiliated with this army included Amazo, Despero, Black Manta, Felix Faust, and members of the Aryan Brigade, though none got play in the tale.

Batman received word that Firestorm had been admitted to St. Vincent's Hospital, and flew to the crime scene with Roy "Red Arrow" Harper in tow. The pair (well, mostly Batman) worked out the scenario Firestorm was faced with through clues. Eventually, the pair fell into an ambush of their own, taken by the Joker, Fatality, and Shadow Thief.

Vixen, Zatanna, Black Canary, Fire and more heroines got down at the bachelorette party held at a Happy Harbor male strip club called the Meat Locker. One of the dancers asked Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl to step outside, where he explained his sister, a nurse, had told him her hospital was treating the gravely injured Firestorm. The pair of heroines was soon after attacked, with the injured Hawkgirl making it to the bachelor party to warn other heroes. Dozens of super-villains were featured in background shots, promotional materials and so forth. Hopefully, dealing with them off panel explains why Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Zatanna and too many others dropped out of the rest of the story.

"Unlimited, Chapter 1: Injustice League" was by Dwayne McDuffie, Mike McKone and Andy Lanning.

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