Friday, January 29, 2010

Crisis On Earth-Blog: The DC Challenge

Zatanna isn't taking you anywhere, my friend. Leave her alone.

Here's a story fragment instead...


It has been an eventful few years in the life of Ronnie Raymond. Rather than perish in an explosion at a nuclear power plant, Raymond gained the ability to fuse with physicist Martian Stein into one super-powered being, dubbed Firestorm. Gifted with flight, intangibility, energy bolts, and the ability to transmute inorganic matter, Firestorm became a force for good in his native Pittsburgh, PA. Already, Firestorm had made fast friends and
fearsome foes. Firestorm had even joined the Justice League of America, in their satellite hovering 22,300 miles above the Earth. Yet, for all this, Ronnie Raymond was bored.

Assigned to monitor duty aboard the satellite, Firestorm twiddled his thumbs. In his mind, Raymond could at least hold conversations with Martin Stein. However, Ronnie was still having trouble keeping up with his membership requirements, like trying to remember his fellow super-heroes' secret identities, or the protocols established by the League for dealing with certain circumstances. Stein decided he would help Ronnie, creating crossword puzzles out of the relevant data in hopes the gimmick would strengthen Ronnie's memory, Ronnie, of course, just wondered why a benevolent god would saddle an academic ubderachiever like himself with a boring science teacher indefinitely, because mental tests were not his bag.

Suddenly, alarms began to go off. The Atom's lab in Ivy Town was being broken into, setting off an alert.

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