Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elongated Man's Stretchable Sleuth

Ralph Dibny was fascinated by contortionists as a kid, and found that one thing they all seemed to have in common was an addiction to the soft drink Gingold. Why, it would take quite a detective to put that together, based on a fixation with pliability. Could this convergence possibly lead to Ralph's isolating the active ingredient in Gingold, dosing up on the stuff regular, and enhancing his performance to become a second rate Plastic Man? Indeed!

Unlike Eel O'Brien, Ralph was only thought to be a crook when he made his debut as the Elongated Man, making fast friends with the Flash. I guess he lacked that certain something though, because he wasn't offered more than a back-up series, and it took years to land a spot on the Justice League. In the meantime, Ralph gained fame enough to attract the attention of a delightful heiress, and his marriage to Sue Dibny was about the most original and noteworthy thing about him.

From second banana to background team player, Elongated Man rode his association with the Justice League until their first volume was canceled. Even with the slim pickings available, Justice League International still left Ralph on the shelf for two years, until they needed to staff a spin-off team. Once they burned the engine up on that one, Elongated Man was retired until such a time as he and his wife could be used to fuel the tragedy in a crossover, and they were both permanently laid to rest.

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