Thursday, December 2, 2010

1990 Mayfair Games DC Heroes The Justice League Sourcebook: Dale Gunn

Dale Gunn is only a footnote in Justice League history, but he was a great supporting character who I enjoyed reading about more than several members of the Detroit team. I was pleased to find his role-playing stats in a 1990 League sourcebook, and thought I'd share them in the Mayfairstivus spirit...

DEX: 4
STR: 4
INT: 5

Gadgetry: 6, Martial Artist: 4, Medicine: 3, Vehicles: 5, Weaponry: 4

Connections: Justice League of America (High); Scholar (Architecture)

Upholding the Good

•Height: 511"
•Weight: 1901bs.
•Eyes: Brown
•Hair: Black
•Wealth: 8
•Occupation: Architect
•Quote: "Hank reminds me of me. Cool outside, burning inside." (Justice League of America Annual #2)

• Background:
Dale Gunn, an old army buddy of Henry Heywood II (father of Justice Leaguer Steel), was sent to Detroit by Henry Heywood I (aka Commander Steel) to build a secret fortress known as "the Bunker" while Heywood I was busy subjecting his grandson to a series of painful operations which resulted in his becoming the heroic Steel. After Steel joined the Justice League and the League took over the Bunker as its headquarters, Gunn hung around for a while and helped the League with its cases, breaking into the super-powered arena by assisting the JLA in its battles against the Cadre1 and a revivified Amazo.2 During the Crisis On Infinite Earths, Commander Steel convinced Gunn that it would be best to allow young Steel to completely break from the people and places of his past, so Dale stopped aiding the Justice League shortly after the group vacated the Bunker.3

An experienced level-headed Viet Nam veteran, Dale Gunn was temporarily one of the League's most powerful assets. He was tough, fair, and sympathetic. Naturally, Dale had a soft spot for Steel, the son of his best friend (Steel's father died in Viet Nam).

1. Justice League of America #233-236
2. Justice League of America #241-243
3. Justice League of America #246


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Frank - Fantastic! I love me some Dale Gunn! The only thing he's missing is the advantage "Mac Daddy". The ladies of the JLD were always about 2 steps away from clawing each other to death in order to hook up with Dale. He's just that much of a man.

I'm really glad you included Dale in your Mayfairstivus coverage. Awesome!

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

Dale definitely should have gotten the Attractive advantage. Scipio used to discuss the irresistible combination of alopecia and motor oil on his blog.

Hopefully, I can do a few more of these sourcebook posts next week. Vibe demands it.