Monday, August 9, 2010

DC75: The Birth of Aquababy! (Aquaman #23, 1965)

Within months of getting married, Mera was already preggers, which means she's either got an other-dimensional incubation period or a liberal view of pre-marital sex. Actually, that would explain the doe eyes those cute kids were casting each other's way before stroking down the aisle. Speaking of strokes, Mera somehow contracted a genetic defect passed down from Aquaman's mother to her via Aquapenis, which will kill her and her unborn child if left untreated. The Sea King set out to find a rare curative root, and one of his finny friends ends up being the one to get the job done. See, it's good to command sea life, even the ones you might have to pass on putting on your plate.

Most importantly, mother and child came out okay, and with an adorable grin, Arthur Junior, waves to readers who had likely never seen a major hero procreate before. Next time someone slags on Aquaman, point out he's proven he's more man than most of them long underwear types!

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