Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 DC Comics Brightest Day Aquaman Magnet

Aquaman has always been the proverbial whipping boy of the DC universe, but sooner or later maybe the general public will start taking him seriously. Everybody is always harping on the talking to fish thing, the guy is the freaking King of Atlantis and that thing is at the bottom of the ocean! If you have ever seen any deep-water documentary or film, then you know that pressure tends to get a wee bit hairy in that bottomless depth. Now imagine what kind of muscles one would need to have to live down there! Aquaman is used to like ten million pounds of force per square inch of his body! Now that is some physical endurance training if you ask me. The Aquaman revolution begins today with this three and a half inch high by two and a half inch wide magnet! Aquaman is taking aim on all of the haters!

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