Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mike Vosburg "Identity Theft" Commissioned Art

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The original '70s Starfire and Steel are featured in this piece commissioned by SwanShadow. Here's his thoughts on the image, enlarged here:

If I mention the names Starfire and Steel, what image comes to mind? Let me guess: The big-haired girl from Teen Titans, and that hammer-swinging guy Shaq played in a movie, right? Well, back in the Bronze Age, before Koriand'r and John Henry Irons were so much as twinkles in their respective creators' eyes, Starfire was a sword-wielding heroine living on a faraway fantasy world, and Steel was a fin-headed superhero whose nickname was "The Indestructible Man." Both the original Starfire and the original Steel headlined their own short-lived DC titles in the mid-1970s. Both are mostly forgotten today, although Steel's descendant Citizen Steel is currently a member of the Justice Society of America. Mike Vosburg, who co-created the Bronze Age Starfire, matches his classic heroine with her male contemporary in this sensational Common Elements scenario.

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