Sunday, July 19, 2009

2007 Upper Deck VS System DC Comics Legends Elongated Man Card (DCL-011)


The last collectible card game I played was Overpower in the '90s, the shortest bus of the genre, so I can't tell you much about this modern, new fangled, complicated thingamajig. According to a few resources I dug up on the intarnets, the card works like this:

Elongated Man
Stretchable Sleuth
Team: JLA
Cost: 1
ATtacK: 3
DEFence: 0

Activate arrow elongated man gets -3/+3 this turn.

Now that's what they call the long arm of the law.

The card is common, and can be purchased for less than a buck. It was lovingly rendered by Ryan Sook, who includes several version of the piece on his site, including preliminary, uncolored, and finished versions.

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