Thursday, March 19, 2009

DC Challenge #1-2 (11-12/1985)

Batman: The Riddler sent Bruce Wayne a Beta video cassette stating the he knew Batman's real identity. Clues led the Dark Knight Detective to the Gotham Museum of Knighthood, where he busted second-story man Lenny Horton stealing as ancient stone tablet. The Caped Crusader learned the real Riddler was still behind bars, unaware of the videotaped challenge. At the Gotham City Power Plant, which clues had led him to, Batman found a pointy-eared, pink-skinned Nosferatu type. Turns out the nuclear device was inside Bruce Wayne's Betamax, set to explode in eight seconds. Unable to contact anyone about the bomb from the plant, Batman used a batarang to shut down service to half the city. His taunting, turbaned, antagonist vanished in the confusion. Numbers were left written on a wall as a clue.

Aquaman: Superman flew to the JLA satellite, where the Sea King had abandoned monitor duty for parts unknown. In the Sahara Desert, a robed figure wandered the wasteland. At the sight of water, Aquaman cast off his protective garb, only to be crushed by the realization it was just a mirage. Delirious, the Sea King collapsed into the sand, vultures circling overhead.

Part 1 by Mark Evanier, Gene Colan and Bob Smith.
Part 2 by Len Wein, Chuck Patton and Mike DeCarlo.

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