Monday, August 4, 2008

The All-New Conglomerate Pin-Up

Okay, what we have here is an oddity. Published as a two-page spread in the 1996 Martian Manhunter Special, it seems likely this was excised for space from 1993's Justice League Quarterly #12. The credited artists on the JLQ story were Dan Rodriguez, Antonio Daniel, Ken Branch, and Frank Percy, but none were developed enough at that time for me to be able to tell them apart with confidence in assigning credit to this piece. The All-New Conglomerate made only one appearance, and consisted of Nuklon (formerly of Infinity Inc., later of the JLA and "Atom Smasher" of the JSA,) Templar, Jesse Quick (later "Liberty Belle" of the JSA,) Echo, and most importantly Hardline (formerly "Reverb," brother of Vibe.) Gypsy had also been a member of a prior incarnation, forming a solid bridge to the Detroit League. Mostly though, this image appears because I wanted new material to greet anyone crossing over from the Tuesday post at the Idol-Head of Diabolu. Since my synopsis for JLofA #255 debuted here two months ago, I needed space filler.

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