Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Infinitely Heroic" Giclee by Alex Ross

I decided to go ahead and post a spotlight on this item, rather than list it among this month's "Martian Sightings." I'll never own it, and it doesn't have to be in circulation to be discussed.

"Infinitely Heroic" is my current desktop wallpaper, so I clearly enjoy the piece. For too many years, Ross rendered the fabulous heroes of the DC Universe as his friends and neighbors in pathetic looking costumes, while everyone here (but Flash)is appropriately sexy. The colors are more vibrant than I'm used to from Ross, and there's a more potent airbrush look, rather than the affected appearance of oil. Of all the times Ross has used this exact same layout, this is my favorite.

On the other hand, I've been suffering from Ross fatigue for a long time. I know the guy's stuck in the 70's, but must he shoehorn Shazam and Plastic Man into everything? The Big Red Cheese looking over at the Atom on his shoulder is grievous revisionism that cannot be tolerated! Ross-- Captain Marvel wasn't a fully DC-owned property until the mid-80's, at which time he very briefly joined Justice League International, and never again since. Here's a thought, why don't you paint the "funny" League for once, perhaps over pencils from Kevin Maguire's 30th variation on his cover to "Justice League #1?" It would be ever so meta. As for Plas, not a Leaguer until the late 90's, so how about working him into a retread of Howard Porter's "JLA #1?" Another thought-- could we maybe use Jack Cole's work as a reference, as I've loathed every interpretation of the character since his creator's passing?

I'm sorry, but I must protest being afflicted by Red Tornado and other perpetual D-listers because they were in the League in the same years "Super Friends" was on the air. If we must go there, can we get Zatanna in the Sindella suit, or with the bug in her hair again? I know that look was a Scarlet Witch knock-off, but the top hat and tails is both sexist and, more importantly, drab. This is supposed to be a super-heroine? Looks more like a party stripper.

For goodness sake, Metamorpho? If you're going to paint the entire DCU third-string, I think it's about time we got to see Paco Ramone, Hank Henshaw, Cyndi Reynolds, and Mari McCabe in their cheese-tastic glory! Let's go to Detroit, blast it! You can maybe reference a "Welcome Back Kotter" cast shot, if that will grease the wheels. It's clearly working on your subconscious, as you grouped all the Detroit team but Batman together in this giclee.

Infinitely Heroic features 18 of the most celebrated heroes in the DC Universe.

Illustrated by award-winning comic book artist, Alex Ross, Infinitely Heroic is painted by Ross in his trademark photo-realistic style. Alex Ross’s artwork adds a new dimension to the exciting graphic world of comic book art by creating renditions of superheroes and villains whose proportion relates to a viewer on more of a human level. Published in an edition of 250 on paper, each fine art Giclee print is hand numbered and then signed by Alex Ross. This print is a companion piece to “Infinitely Evil,” a giclee released in March 2007 which featured 20 ruthless villains from the DC Universe.

Image Size: 14 ½ “ H x 29 “ W Paper Size: 18 ½ “ H x 33” W”
Edition Size: Limited to 250

This product will be in stock on Friday 29 August, 2008


Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I about the collection should acquire more info then it has.

Rafa Rivas said...

I agree. Ross has a thing for shoehorning Plas and Cap as if they were always there. Metamorpho was a honorary member, and the Martian was founding member that returned a couple of times; following similar rationales, Adam Strange and John Stewart would fit better. Even Black Lightning, Robin and Supergirl would make more sense there.
I hate the faces that Ross picked for the Dibnys. Ralph should look like Dick van Dyke or a young Bob Saget, not like Randy Quaid. Also, I think I'll ruin Ross or you, but his women look a bit like drag queens.

Diabolu Frank said...

Kingdom Come ruined Ross for me. I got so sick of the same angles, the dour mood, the tiresome design over-reaches, the apocalyptic imagery, and the butch super-heroines. Every single one of his plots reads like fan fiction. I like him on specific characters and under specific circumstances, but in general he bores me terribly. I only have three issues of Justice left to cover across my blogs, and I just can't get myself up to finishing it off. He might as well turn it into a fumeti and play it out with old Mego action figures.

When I'm Master of the Universe, I'll make DC treat Captain Marvel and Plastic Man with the respect and imagination they deserve, including forming an entirely new super-team around them, instead of hanging them off the JLA like an unwanted sibling.