Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Top 10 Aquaman Covers of the 1970s

Jim Aparo, Nick Cardy and Neal Adams will be your image providers for this gallery...

10) Adventure Comics #442 (November, 1975)

Geoff Johns' run has this cover in its DNA. This is not a grinning hero who talks to fishies. This is a dude about to bring the hurt.

9) Adventure Comics #466 (November, 1979)

This is the type of cover that gets a kid excited about reading. There's so much going on in those panels! Front and center, dominating the lot, is Mera and the King of the 7 Seas surrounded by explosions.

8) Aquaman #60 (February, 1978)

Aquaman appears most sincerely pissed off about the environment. I dig his contorted posture and beaming aggression halo.

7) Aquaman #51 (May, 1970)

I like how the dialogue balloons are falling with the woman. It's one of those things you can't get from any other medium. The swirling light colors being devoured by the Lovecraftian darkness is rich.

6) Adventure Comics #444 (March, 1976)

Despite the dopey costume of the villain, his lethal intent is intensely portrayed, Aquaman is vulnerable but fierce, and that shark's gonna eat somebody.

5) World's Finest Comics #203 (June, 1971)

A really nice cover, but it's hard to appreciate Aquaman while he's sleeping on the job.

4) Aquaman #62 (June, 1978)

This is a powerful cover, but coming a year after Arthur's death, a bit too late to rate higher. Also, Aquaman's posture is awkward.

3) Aquaman #72 (July, 1970)

Since I did the Aquaman top 20 of all time list first, and the decade breakdowns after, I'd rather not jack with the order retroactively. That said, I admit that I made a mistake in not including this spare piece, an image that would not be out of place on a contemporaneous paperback cover or movie poster. It's so subdued... anti-hyped... which lends it a greater potency.

2) Aquaman #53 (September, 1970)

Aquaman is trying to save an entire state from drowning with his bare hands. Love the tilted room perspective. It's like looking at the polar bear tank through observation glass.

1) Adventure Comics #452  (July, 1977)

The Sea King in chains! Black Manta decrees he must die! Aqualad poised to strike a deathblow with his mentor's trident! An infant imperiled! A classic image that has haunted the series for decades.

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rob! said...

Interesting list Frank! Some of your choices are, well, WRONG, but I forgive you!

Diabolu Frank said...

By order, inclusion, or omission?