Monday, April 23, 2012

2010 "Ladies of DC - Zatanna" art by Taylor Cordingley

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They're fun, they're sassy and they all seem to have a mean right hook. For years, DC Comics has consistently created amazing female superheroes. I'd like to pay tribute to these amazing women of the DC Universe with one of my patented pin-up series -- Ladies of DC! Fourth in this series is the zany Zatanna!

Real Name: Zatanna Zatara
Other Notable Aliases: Primak
First Appearance: Hawkman vol. 1 #4
Abilities: Skilled user of the mystical arts

Oh Zatanna, you are definitely one of the finest and sexiest women out there! This mistress of magic is one of the JLA's most powerful heroes. She's best known for saying her spells backward, mind-wiping one too many supervillains and somehow getting herself thrown into the mess that is Batman's hordes of lady loves. ^^; Oh Zee. That said, Zatanna is an congenial character who gets along with her teammates and is often considered closest to Hawkwoman, Flash (Barry Allen), Black Canary and Batman. Overall, I'm excited that Zatanna's been thrust forward into the spotlight over the years and can't wait to see the character develop. Although, I'm especially surprised to see that she's been largely excluded from Birds of Prey... hey Gail, when's Zatanna gonna guest star?!

(BTW, does anyone know why people keep perpetuating the idea that Zatanna can't do spells unless said backwards? She's said that she only says them backward for concentration purposes.....)

(Second BTW, Mattel -- you are evil for making her action figure a Walmart exclusive!)

Ladies of DC: Bringing Out The Girls

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