Sunday, June 12, 2011

2010 Detective Comics #380 Twin Pocket Folder Style #3008DC

I wasn't a big fan of Wall*Mart just from a customer experience standpoint, and after seeing The High Cost of a Low Price, I feel really sleazy when I cave and shop there. Still, they're usually open 24 hours a day, and have a grocery store, so I try to stay alert for blog chum when I do find myself there. I scored a nice batch of DC folders on my last visit, and at just fifty cents a pop, I decided to pick up some that I passed on the first time for variety's sake.

Irv Novick's 1968 Batman and Robin cover is probably the best crop job I've seen on one of these folders yet. The enormous twelve cent cover price and Comics Code Authority seal are cut out of the top right corner and filled in with solid black (along with a small crease in the curtain.) You lose an inch or so of costume at the bottom and a trim at the top, but the changes are so minor I didn't even bother posting the cover here for comparison. In fact, the claustrophobic framing and vastly superior printing on the folder make me like this presentation of the art better. That said, this is the oldest cover I've encounter in this series by far, and part of the appeal is its randomness and dubious appeal to the younger demographic. Even the mystery girl is only, from what I gathered at GCD, Ginny Jenkins (better known as "WHO?")

I recycled this back cover scan from a previous post.The Innovative Designs logo is a dark purple on the actual folder, and the interior pockets are simply black. I'm really glad the company decided to jazz up the look with their 2011 offerings.

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