Monday, March 7, 2011

2009 "JLA-Aquaman" by Marcus Kelligrew

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I dig this picture because it takes an often mundane Aquaman activity and makes it dynamic. The Sea King is really bursting out of the ocean, with roiling and splashes of water looking like liquid flames. The awkward bending of the wrist grabs your attention in a good Steve Ditko way, and the pose as a whole reminds me of the Aquaman Silly Bandz. I also think it's cool that instead of some lame ass lighthouse or boring cove there's some kind of mid-Atlantic super compound in the background. It's probably an aircraft carrier or oil platform, but let's pretend it's an advanced island city for Aquaman to patrol instead, like Shark-Man's. My only complaint is that distracting black moon, extraneous in more ways than one, considering the Martian Manhunter also got one as part of this seven piece set...

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