Sunday, February 20, 2011

2009 Black Lantern Vibe design by Joe Prado

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Someday, there will be another DC line wide reboot, and characters like Mystek, the Yazz, and Lionheart will retroactively have never been members of the Justice League. "A golden gorilla super-hero in the JLA? Don't be daft, man!" Rest assured though, that the lameness of Vibe has been inextricably entangled in the team's DNA. Vibe was just too ridiculous... too easy of a target... to ever be forgotten. The JLA managed nearly a quarter century without a casualty... until there was Vibe. Paco Ramone opened that door, and no on has managed to keep it closed since.

On the other hand, Vibe could never suffer from the problems of the indistinct Black Lantern Steel. Burn his clothes and tear his face off-- that's still unmistakably Vibe. No other character will ever have the huevos to combine booties with a slender studded cross belt, shoulder ramps, fingerless gloves, a plunging masculine neckline, and sunglasses. Damn it, when will my googling of "Vibe cosplay" yield results?

The truth of the matter is that I can rattle off dozens of crappy '90s characters with "Blood" in their names and guns in their hands, and you can make a drinking game out of finding stupid '40s characters who simply combined a color and a noun to form a premise. Vibe isn't like that at all: undeniably '80s, but such a unique aroma of stank as to be rendered among THE BEST WURST HEROS OF ALL EVAR.

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