Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Detective Comics #615 (Early June, 1990)

Batman battled the weaponized fowl that terrorized Gotham City.

The Penguin wooed kidnap victim Sherry West, the actress who portrayed Heron on the soap opera Heartstrings. Although Cobblepot is usually written as sane, here he seemed unable to distinguish West from her television role as the villainous that won his heart. The Penguin also attacked one of his own men for a slight grievance in a manner more suited for the Joker. West was horrified, but decided it best to play along.

Batman fought off hoods taking advantage of the chaos, but was captured by a miniature camera on one of the marauding birds, and set upon by a flock at Penguin's command. Using a trash can lid as a makeshift shield, the Caped Crusader sought refuge in his Batmobile. More birds caused a plane crash, which also served to send the Batmobile into a body of water. The Dark Knight of course escaped, though Penguin forced "Heron" to trigger another bird attack once Batman emerged on land.

The detective made his way to the Batcave, but a mass of birds pursued him up into Wayne Manor. While Tim Drake and Alfred Pennyworth hid in a closet, Batman deduced microwaves interfered with the Penguin's control signal. Managing to reach and activate an ultrasonic projector, the Caped Crusader shut down the birds' attack. Alfred asked if, after catching the Penguin and before turning him in, Bruce could have him over to clean up the Manor.

Meanwhile, the downed plane seemed to unleash a jaundiced, cowled creature from out of the bowels of the Earth.

To Be Continued in Batman #449...

"Birds of Ill Omen!," part two of "The Penguin Affair" by Marv Wolfman, Alan Grant, Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell.

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