Thursday, April 29, 2010

1986 Vixen fan art by Rob Liefeld

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I know what you're thinking: given how little work Rob Liefeld produced for DC in the 1980s, and how well he's avoided actually drawing the many projects he's been attached to at most every other company, I couldn't possibly spring another Detroit-related art post by him on you guys. Ah, but you forget, he was a fanboy once too! I found this Vixen piece amongst the "Early Years" portfolio images at the official Rob Liefeld Creations web site, and went "holy crap, that's so gloriously random!" Sadly, Steel and Vibe were not also represented, although if you squint you can maybe pretend Boom-Boom or Skids could have been Gypsy with a die job. All in all though, doesn't it look more like Jim Valentino's work?

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