Monday, November 2, 2009

Blackest Night #2 (October, 2009)

Ivy Town: Ray "The Atom" Palmer tried to call Hawkman back about going with him to visit his deceased ex-wife Jean Loring's grave. The now undead Winged Wonder invited him over.

Gotham City: Commissioner Gordon and his daughter
Barbara were surprised by Green Lantern Hal Jordan being thrown into the Bat-Signal.

Amnesty Bay: Mera decided that if it was for the best, Tempest could exhume Aquaman's body and entomb it under the sea. A group of Atlanteans were along for the task, but the grave was already dug out.

Black Lantern Arthur Curry: "Yes. Your king. Your king who would rather be buried in the mud next to his human father than his own people. Your king, who was hunted as a child because of his ties to the surface world. Your king, who returned when you begged him to rebuild Atlantis. And who, after giving his blood to do it-- was hunted again. Now it's your king's turn to hunt."

Gotham City: Deadman's spirit was disturbed by the Black Lantern Corps, as his body joined it.

Washington, D.C.: Hank and Don Hall called by the Black Lantern power rings, but Dove remained at peace, so only Hawk answered.

Amnesty Bay: The undead Aquaman tormented Mera with the memory of their deceased son, and couldn't be killed by a trident through his chest. Tempest was attacked by Black Lantern Tula and Black Lantern Dolphin. The Atlanteans were eaten by sharks at Aquaman's command.

Gotham City: Zatanna, Blue Devil, Phantom Stranger and the Spectre investigated Boston "Deadman" Brand's open grave. They were met by the former Pariah turned Black Lantern Kell Mossa. "Worlds have died. Worlds will rise." Black Hand saw to turning the Spectre's living dead human host into Black Lantern Crispus Allen.

Gotham City: Black Lantern J'Onn J'Onzz pursued the Flash, Laser Vision ablaze.

Amnesty Bay: Black Lantern Tula regenerated her head after a less-than-devastating attack, then took Tempest's heart for good.

Garth of Earth. Rise

Mera fled.

Black Lantern J'Onn J'Onzz: "Your thoughts are moving faster, Barry. You're trying to prevent me from manipulating them again... You can't run from me." The Flash had been mixing flammable chemicals for Green Lantern to ignite. Barry contained the inferno. "Sorry, J'Onn." Hal observed, "Fire. It was J'Onn's kryptonite."

Was being the operative word.

"When the fire dies down, I want to recover J'Onn's remains and take them back to Mars. He deserves better than being desecrated like this. The Martian Manhunter was the heart of the League."

"Heart, Barry? I have no heart.I gave my heart to the League."

Black Lantern J'Onn J'Onzz emerged from the smoke unscathed, and no longer alone.

Black Lantern Ralph Dibny: "We all did, J'Onn. And I'd say it's your turn to return the favor, fellas."

Black Lantern Sue Dibny: We'll help them, won't we, Ralph?"

Black Lantern Ronnie Raymond: "Radical! I call dibs on the Flash!"

Black Lanterns Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders brought up the rear...

"Blackest Night" was by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis with Oclair Albert & Julio Ferreira.

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