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Batman and the Outsiders #1-5 (December 2007-May 2008)

In Central City, Catwoman, Katana, Metamorpho, Grace and the Martian Manhunter broke into Jardine Tower to capture a modified OMAC. The Batman observed and directed his temporary strike force of outsiders while Thunder, benched by the Dark Knight, looked on and groused. The OMAC was soon spirited to a lab run by Dr. Francine Langstrom (the wife of Man-Bat,) while Martian Manhunter left Batman's operation to inform the Justice League of America of its actions. After a brief confrontation between the two groups, Geo-Force learned he was being transferred to the Outsiders.

Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor, a foreign couple were met by Alfred the butler at its threshold.
"We're looking for Bruce."
"Bruce Wayne. This is his house, isn't it?"
"It is the home of Mister Wayne. And you know him how...?"
"Well, mostly from fighting crime."
"Smooth move, brainiac."
"What? Like he doesn't know... his boss is Batman?"

Later, in Gotham, Batman asked Langstrom "And these are the files J'Onn scanned from Jardine's data reserves?" They were, and included 3-D models of new lifeforms that could not exist nor survive on planet Earth. This led to an investigation of Jardine's connection to the European Space Agency.

In French Guiana, members of the Outsiders trained with their latest addition,
Green Arrow. This led to a brawl between Ollie and Batgirl, whom the Emerald Archer damned as a murderous member of the League of Assassins. Meanwhile, Batman was caught alone in the jungle by a young black couple.
"You're not an easy guy to track down."
"We stopped by the house. Thought Alfred was going to have a stroke."
"Look, this is weird. But we're in a position to help."
"Silly, he doesn't recognize us."
"No. I'd know you anywhere."

Waiting at the ESU launch site were Mr. Jardine and his team of mercenaries, including Gunhawk, Bunny, Camarouge and Militia.

As the Dark Knight made his way through the ESU base, he was targeted by Gunhawk and Bunny. However, Bunny then turned her gun on Hawk.
"Darling, I thought you'd never get here."
"We can't all be quick studies like you, my dear. We have some time to kill."
"You are so naughty."
"Isn't that why you married me?"
"Till death do us part."
"And look how that turned out."
Clearly not who they appeared to be, "Gunhawk" and "Bunny" kissed passionately.

The Outsiders raided the base, only to be temporarily cowed by Militia's superior firepower. Geo-Force proved the villain's undoing, while the possessed Gunhawk and Bunny pinned down other security forces for a time. "Gunhawk" sensed the couple was needed elsewhere, so the spirits departed the mercenaries' bodies, leaving them to dodge fire from the emboldened security unit.

Metamorpho was placed in harm's way by the launch of three rockets, leaving Green Arrow lusting for Mr. Jardine's blood. A couple of scientists seized the tycoon while Katana held Queen back.
"Don't worry, Ollie."
"He'll pay for what he's done."
"Uh... do I know you two?"
"Only for years."
"Remember all the passes you made at me-- a married woman? Probably not, right?"
"Ralph? Sue?"
"The Dibnys."
"Guilty as charged."
"But I thought you both--"
"Died? Yep. Dead as dead can be."
"But that doesn't stop my hubby from pursuing his favorite pastime."
"--As ghosts?"
"We prefer 'spirits'."

Metamorpho turned up alive and well aboard a spacecraft...

Batman and the Outsiders: The Chrysalis, collecting the first five issues of the 2007-2008 series, was by Chuck Dixon, Julian Lopez, Carlos Rodriguez and Bit.

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