Friday, October 19, 2007

Doodles: Detroit & JLA Eyeline

Back in the days of "Martian Manhunter: The Rock of the JLA," I had probably the most sprawling online enshrinement of J'Onn J'Onzz ever. Not just synopsis, scans, and biographies, but really extraneous stuff like personal reminiscences, rambling opinions, and the like. The one thing I never had though was fan art. Like fan fiction, I find the stuff near uniformly awful and embarrassing. However, blogs have a nasty habit of breaking down one's resistance to indulgences, especially as there has to be something new up on the daily. As I attempt to clean up as much junk accumulated from my life as possible, I'm bound to throw trash like this out there every now and then. It's also important to note, these are my lousy drawings. Bad enough I'm unleashing my own personal dreck on an unwilling public; I'm certainly not soliciting anyone else's equally crumby work. I'm not looking to work a gong or a hook here.

Speaking of work, I hate my job. I'm currently studying for the SATs about fifteen years too late because I also hated the last job I had, and most any other I've held besides the three that sustained me for most of the aforementioned decade-and-a-half. My present meal ticket is especially distasteful and mind-numbing, so after my boss busted me on my semi-undercover educational pursuit, I turned to the bottom drawing here. It's shown pretty much actual size, from off the corner of my TPS Report. All in pen, freehand, without reference. I tell you this not in some deluded boast, but to minimize the awfulness of all those asymmetrical faces and especially off-balance eyes (& brows that sprawl everywhere.) There's a little bit of the inaugural Martian Manhunter doodle left to the left, but it was somehow far worse than these, and the god-awful Ralph Dibney caricature I tossed in after will never be spoken of again.

Anyway, this is a Manhunter blog, and since (literally) today's doodle resembled an old job I did on the box I used to carry my Overpower cards in (circa '98 or so, another secret shame I'll further expose in the future,) I figured a pass at it was called for. The image here is less than a quarter of the original size, and spotlighted my favorite DC Overpower characters of the time (plus an Ambush Bug reference, though he wasn't in the game, and the intentional absence of the "bedraggled" Aquaman, in case rob! ever wondered where I stood on his favorite character's wanting to be a pirate.) This was the first and likely only time I ever tried to replace solid black feature outlines with colored marker, aping a popular printing technique of the time that thankfully went out of fashion.

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