Thursday, February 21, 2013

2011 “Vil17: Siren Cubee” by Joshua Wolf

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"Siren aka Hila from DC Comics in Cubee form!!"
Aquaman gets a disproportionate amount of love here, since he's one of my favorite heroes to have been a part of the Detroit-era League, though he was hardly a favorite Detroit Leaguer, if you catch the distinction. By extension, Black Manta and (to a lesser degree) Ocean Master get a fair amount of face time here. Makes me glad that I went looking to showcase "The Flying Dachshund's" DC super-villains, affording me an excuse to focus on Siren instead. She's Mera's evil sister, and her hair is the most interesting thing about her, but she makes for a nice break.

Joshua Wolf's Villains Cubees

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