Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 “JLA Jan. - Vixen - 205” art by Robert Q. Atkins

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"This is a character that I've only really been introduced to in recent years. I know she's been around awhile, (early 1980's) but I was first reading her in the Brad Meltzer run on the JLA books. Then I noticed her more and more as she appeared on the various DC animated cartoons. She was in Justice League Unlimited and again in Batman Brave and the Bold. It's interesting how that Batman cartoon was all but a full on Justice League cartoon by the end of it.

Vixen's power is to appropriate the attributes of whatever animal she can think of. It used to be limited to what animals were around her, but it has since expanded globally. Also she can combine these animals attributes. This is often shown in comics as a ghosted image of the animal she is channeling.

It kind of makes you wonder how powerful that can really be, and it's only limited to her imagination. Personally, I'd prefer to avoid a backhand slap from her with the power and strength of the tail fin of a Blue Whale....WhaPOW!"

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