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Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #54 (September, 2007)

Arthur Joseph Curry, Cal Durham, Lorena Marquez, Garth, Dr. Kyesha Salton and Topo were left to clean up Black Manta's mess. Dr. Sydney Allard had escaped the lot, sneaking back into his lab to steal what he could before running. Guards were after him, and a chase saw Sydney fall onto what appeared to be vials of Joker toxin. Before the building was evacuated, Topo (a little too easily) accessed the computer network of Manta, Inc. There he uncovered ties to Progene Tech, a company that had previously patented Aquaman's DNA. That by extension connected Anton Geist, the scientist who had created the genetic agent behind the survival of Sub Diego's inhabitants, and the man who bio-engineered Chief Malrey. Yet another involved company was Tri-Dent Industries, who Ocean Master had worked with, and was based just a half hour away in San Diego. A.J. and Aquagirl would visit, leaving Topo behind under protest. "...You can't breathe out of water... We'll just walk into the lobby looking like 'Mars Attacks.' No, you stay here and help Cal and Kyesha."

Elsewhere, "The Babe Squad" traveled with Captain Jimmy Lockhart, Elsa Magnusson, and the Sea Devil leader Dane Dorrance, whom they had been following since their arrival near the Arctic island of Ymirsheim. The group arrived by sub to the city of Neos, 10,000 feet below the surface in the Mid-Atlantic Maxwell Fracture Zone. The diverse, secret culture were not ready to embrace the visitors, but they were greeted by Doctor Arkelon and his wife, Lady Pelikaia. Both believed Urlok was truly about to awaken and end life on Earth, so it was imperative that they be open to humans, especially their prophesied savior, Orin of Atlantis...

Dr. Salton sent Garth to meet with Leah, a lonely soul in a cave lit by luminous jellyfish. She had once been near the Thorny Crown, and as it happened, had been dreaming about Tempest...

Heavily armed guard used lethal force against Aquaman and Aquagirl upon their arrival at Tri-Dent. A.J. tore into them, but once they were down, the Human Flying Fish rose to take their place. The old villain had been expecting Aquaman, but for once that actually meant Artie Joe instead of Orin. A.J. mocked the fellow with his silly wings and corporate stickers all over his ridiculous costume. "They pay my salary, so they get to design the uniform. Now do me a favor and die." Aquaman couldn't get the guy to shut up, and in fact H.F.F. managed to take both of the young heroes out individually. Bound up, Arthur learned that Krusivax, son of Kordax, was behind everything. His rightful kingdom had been taken by Orin, and his family name disgraced. A.J. didn't know what that had to do with him. Dr. Philip Curry was brought out, and revealed that his son had died months before the destruction of his lab. "I was there... I held your hand as you stopped breathing! You can't be Arthur. Because my son is DEAD!" To further complicate matters, a helicopter announced another arrival, fresh from a prison escape. "Permit me to introduce the founder of Arbiston Global and Progene Tech, my sponsor in the sinking of San Diego, and soon to be co-ruler of the globe... Vandal Savage."

"Waiting For The Son" was by Tad Williams and Shawn McManus. Another goofy but enjoyable romp as things get wrapped up rapidly for the series finale in two issues. This was the issue with the Terry Dodson cover of Arthur leaning on his sword atop an islet that is surrounded by mermaids. Over the logo reads "Master of his Domain," an obvious Seinfeld reference. The piece was released as a poster, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the story at hand.

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