Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 "DCUniverse Vol.7: The Injustice Gang" Black Manta by alexmax

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Deviant Artist alexmax has done a series of themed DC Universe group shots that I quite like, and even created an all-encompassing wallpaper that pays homage to the underrated Marvel Universe Series III card set. Of "DCUniverse Vol.7: The Injustice Gang" he said:

More Villains. This time, it's the Injustice Gang. I wanted to make a lineup with, what I feel are, the most iconic arch-enemies for each of these guys. Inspired in large part by what Grant Morrison did during the Rock of Ages storyline...

Alessandro also included Batman villains the Joker and (my favorite) Ra's al Ghul, but I always prefer to focus on Detroit Leaguers who aren't so insanely overexposed. Besides, Manta is one of the all-time great super-villains!

For more spotlights from this mural, see the following:

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