Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zatanna Gallery by Darwyn Cooke

Sorry I've been a bad blogger this week, and I can make no promises about next, but let's live in the now, shall we? Well, I guess Darwyn Cooke's retro '60s style isn't exactly "now," but it's great, and it's Zatannaday, so let's smoosh both together.

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We start out with a fantastic monochromatic amber piece reflecting the earliest Zatanna's Search stories. I've always loved that coloring technique, and its amazing what a single splash can do. Understandably, its owner declares "Love this piece Never for SALE," which is complete understandable.

The next two are also entrenched in Silver Age goodness. The first shows magic in the palm of her hand, while the second sees her entertained by the crossword. The latter came from the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con, the artist's first sketch of the event.

Continuing, at left, "A quick little sketch by Darwyn. Even with the minimal lines, you know who it is." This is followed by a tip of the hat to a number from the Paradise Toronto Comicon 2007. As with the amber piece, I love what the addition of a bit of blue pencil shading can do.

Finally, a bit of cheesecake I saved for the end. It's decidedly cheeky, but at the same time has such a wealth of personality and detail, I imagine its my favorite of the bunch. This was a commission picked-up by its owner at the 2008 Baltimore Comic Con.

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