Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colección Super Amigos: Zatanna & other Liga de la Justicia de Detroit Mini-Comics

I'm afraid I lack the time and resources to track down the other Colección Super Amigos mini-comics. Regular readers will note I took a trip down to Mexico and placed this blog on extended hiatus in a valiant attempt, but all for naught. You can't even find them on any torrent sites. Here's what little I know...

  • Zatanna: The Blue Devil villain Shockwave had been hired to break into the underground Bunker that headquartered the new Justice League Detroit and steal their hi-tech Jump Jet. The only members present were Zee and visiting Latino Super Friend El Dorado. In a tweak of his usual powers, Shockwave's armored suit was immune to magic, as the enchanter's illusions and Zee's backward spells proved completely useless. El Dorado held back Shockwave with his super-strength, until the villain decided to issue forth a tremor of monumental force. A quick thinking Zatanna realized the earthquake to come was manufactured technologically, so she could cause it to reverse on its generator and effect the magic-neutralizing Shockwave armor. El Dorado teleported to safety at the last minute, and the mechanical mercenary was undone by his own shockwave, last seen being carted to jail in the very aircraft he pursued.
  • Steel: Gringo Cibernético and Vibe were visiting S.T.A.R. Labs Mexico City when it was invaded by Quadrex, a minion of Darkseid, in search of the experimental Power Amplifier Ray Projector. The ferocious foe's four-armed fighting skill proved too much for the Detroit Duo, as Vibe was laid flat out. To the rescue came famed super-luchadors El Santo and Blue Demon. The three super-muchachos soon put the pin on the alien monstrosity, leaving Vibe to complain about missing out on working with his childhood idols!
  • Elongated Man: When Brainiac's Skull Ship kidnapped new hero Silicon, Señor Alargado and El Creeper used the new Snooper Scout to track him down. Unfortunately, Brainiac had rewired Silicon to oppose the Super Powers Team, so Creeper and Elongated Man had to keep both friend and foe busy until they could use their brains to set Silicon right. Then, the three heroes turned on Brainiac, who made his escape.
  • Gypsy: Gitana, Manhunter, and Vigilante were sent to investigate a rise in chupacabra sightings before the annual Pedro Infante celebration. The heroes were attacked by el Terminator, Howitzer, and Executioner, all under the command of Sangre (a.k.a. Brother Blood.) Along with the armies of chupacabra, the Super Amigos had more than their hands full. To their aid came Mario and Fernando Almada, who helped blast a path through monsters and minions toward Brother Blood, giving Gypsy the chance to cast the illusion that Pedro Infante had returned from the grave. Only the gringos failed to respect the majesty of Infante, and were put away easily after the Mejicanos turned themselves in, sobbing with joy. A Superman Glider carted the collected bandidos to prisión.

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