Monday, December 8, 2008

Impel 1992 Series I DC Cosmic Cards #77 in a series of 180

Here's a trading card of the Suicide Squad-era Vixen, as drawn by Luke McDonnell and Mike Clark. The market for these things exploded for Impel with Marvel Universe Series I in 1990, so it was only natural the company would follow-up with a DC set. That first Marvel offering was a mixed bag in terms of art quality, and they shared a universally boring white border with bare bones fonts. Cosmic Cards was an improvement, with some nice looking logos and lettering. Unfortunately, they were marred by the horrible, thick gray borders you see above, as well as mostly generic artwork. This allowed the vastly superior second Marvel series to leave both in the dust with its snazzy design work, bold fonts, and fan-pleasing images from the hottest artists of the day. Also, I seem to recall this "1992" series coming out late in '91, and I suspect a lengthier approval process at DC allowed MU II the advantage in the not-ugly-as-heck department, only more noticeable by its earlier arrival.

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