Friday, March 4, 2011

2008 "Fox Hunt" Vixen & Zorro Commission by Tony DeZuniga

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Michael "Swanshadow" Rankins is a prolific comic art collector and blogger who makes a living with writing (and some voice acting on the side.) Rankin often commissions two characters to a piece for a series called "Common Elements.":

"For the second consecutive year, I decided to take a shot at commissioning a new Common Elements piece at WonderCon. Tony DeZuniga accepted the challenge of matching the legendary Zorro with the JLA's Vixen, who makes her second Common Elements appearance here. In case you're struggling to figure out the common element in this one, ask a Spanish-speaking friend what "Zorro" means. Commissioned and completed at WonderCon 2008. Special thanks to Tony's lovely wife Tina, for hunting up some Zorro reference for Tony on the spot."

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