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The Top 20 Mera Covers

20) Aquaman #11 (October, 1963)

The obligatory first appearance cover swats away a handful of better pieces to hold the very bottom slot.

19) Aquaman #19 (February, 1965)

It's nice to see Mera's love so great that she'd die to swim by her man. That sentiment will not be consistent, though.

18) Aquaman #55 (February, 1971)

The scales and expression sold me.

17) Aquaman #73 (November, 2000)

Head and shoulders above Mera's usual cover prominence.

16) Aquaman #14 (April, 1964)

See? Now not only isn't Mera staying with Aquaman until the day he dies, but she's dragging off his kid sidekick so he won't, either. Aquaman is begging for help! Good Lord...

15) Aquaman #46 (August, 1969)

This one was in contention for my top twenty Aquaman covers list , but you can only have him holding an unconscious Mera so many times...

14) Justice Leagues: Justice League of Atlantis #1 (January, 2001)

The first strong, proactive Mera cover of the list, and a solid full body shot. Shame there are five other such bodies in contention.

13) Aquaman #40 (August, 1968)

Yeah, I'm getting tired of helpess Mera covers too, but this is the epitome of the helpless Mera cover.

12) Brightest Day #3 (Early August, 2010)

This one rose three spots from the Aquaman list, but rates lower than other covers shared with this list. That's because Aquaman is the pimpin' leader with a babe on his chest, while for our purposes Mera is the only fawning character on this darned thing.

11) Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 (March, 2010)

A rare solo heroine Mera cover-- and it's a Wonder Woman comic? This would have rated higher if the Undead Amazon didn't hafta-chokabitch, and if Mera didn't look like a Barbie doll left in algae.

10) Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #41 Variant Cover (June, 2006)

That may be the wrong Aquaman, but Mera brings her A-game fawning here. You hug those knees, girl!

9) Aquaman #22 (July, 1965)

Two buxom Meras in skintight outfits waving surrogate penises at each other? Plus tentacles? No wonder Aquaman's so anxious!

8) Aquaman #3 (August, 1989)

There's a whole slew of '60s & '70s damsel in distress covers amongst the honorable mentions, but once Arthur Jr. died, Mera flipped a switch. Ever since, she's been defined by her fury, and pictures like this of her trying to reach Aquaman's balls through his throat. That collar sells the madness, like the queen bee on a soap opera.

7)Aquaman #18 (November,1964)

Up four places from the Aquaman list, and yet... honestly? I don't like this cover. It's a landmark issue and a joyous occasion, but it's framed like a bad TV show.

6) Aquaman #34 (February, 1968)

Someone to watch over me...

5) Justice League of America #242 (September, 1985)

I'm very fond of this cover, and wrestled with having it on Aquaman's list before it ended up an honorable mention. I have issues with the ink embellishment, but the design is wonderfully optimistic. I'm happy to have a second chance to rectify the omission.

4) Aquaman #62 (June, 1978)

#8 on the Aquaman list, and you know Mera's pain and anger are real by her ability to visibly cry under the sea.

3) Aquaman #4 (September, 1989)

Super-heroes rising from the grave was already a cliché in 1989, but something about this design makes it really creepy. Maybe it's Arthur Junior already residing in a little casket. Maybe it's the knowledge that the stakes are always higher in an Aquaman comic, making his remorse here real. Maybe it's the murderous rage against her husband that landed Mera in that coffin to begin with. All I know is this cover forever altered my perception of the character.

2)Aquaman #12 (September,1995)

Sexy, tough, a little crazy and a lot to handle. The best solo Mera cover yet!

1) Aquaman #33 (October, 2005)

This one came in at #5 on my Aquaman list. In retrospect, I wish I'd ranked it higher. I love this image, and its easily one of my favorite covers featuring either character.

Honorable Mention:
Aquaman #13 (1962)
Aquaman #17 (1962)
Aquaman #23 (1962)
Aquaman #24 (1962)
Aquaman #26 (1962)
Aquaman #27 (1962)
Aquaman #34 (1962)
Adventure Comics #441
Adventure Comics #450
Adventure Comics #466
Justice League of America #243
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Vol. XV
Aquaman #48 (1994)
Aquaman #55

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