Saturday, April 17, 2010

Zatanna Gallery by Cedric Poulat

2009 Z E E by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)

While bopping along on the internet, I stumbled upon the art of a Frenchman named Cedric Poulat, whose internet handle is *J-Estacado, presumably after the Top Cow character The Darkness. Poulat has quite a fondness for Zatanna, so I figured a Deviant Art enabled gallery was in order. Since Deviant's embeds will redirect you to their site if you click on the pictures, I recommend using my links above each to open them in a new tab/window, if you want to browse each pic from here. If you'd like to see Poulat's entire gallery, there's your link.

First up, Zee as a Pussycat Doll while the disinterested Superman and Batman thumb wrestle in the background. Ooooo-kay...

2006 Zatanna-cabaret by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)

This is a really nice piece of a vulnerable Zee with a much stronger design element than anything else here. I like the "Oz" Z at the center.

2007 Zatanna 2 by *J-Estacado
Zatanna 2 by *J-Estacado on deviantART

Let's be real here: this is just Gina Gershon in a top hat and corset, amiright?

2008 The Magician by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)

2009 annataZ by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)
annataZ by *J-Estacado on deviantART

She's quite the sweetheart for a chick who looks to have been a member of the Hellfire Club, right?

Here's a gratuitous butt shot I pushed toward "the end," as they might jest in a ribald British comedy, where I should have left it.

2008 Zatanna- A R T N O U V E A U by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)
Zatanna- A R T N O U V E A U by *J-Estacado on deviantART

2009 Zatanna, number 100000oooooooo by *J-Estacado.

Zatanna, number 100000oooooooo by *J-Estacado on deviantART

For the most part, yeah.

Finally, here's a group shot which gallingly goes so far out of its way to exclude Vixen that it even drops in a Wonder Woman villainess.

2008 DC WOMEN by *J-Estacado (Click To Enlarge)
DC WOMEN by *J-Estacado on deviantART.


SK said...

Cedric definitely has a soft spot for 'ole Zatanna.

Thought you might be interested in an interview with him :
Cedric Interview

Diabolu Frank said...

Cool! Thanks!

SK said...

Frank :
No probs!
Noticed you had quite a few blogs . . will check 'em out. :)